Unrelenting Cuteness.


Bobby, my Shi-Tzu X is the love of my life. He, and his little brother Ben (a Maltese X) have me laughing daily… or going Awwww!

 But how far can they push the envelope before you snap and swear it’s back to the Pet Store for a refund? Mmm, we all know that day will never come, but the thought lingers from time to time.

 Like after a very long and stressful day at work, I’ve come home and raced about putting on dinner and giving the house a quick spruce up before Mum pops around for dinner. Heaven forbid she critique my housekeeping skills and how unfulfilling my life is all on the same night.


 It’s just about show time, and thankfully she is running late because traffic is always slower when it is raining, when my beloved pooch comes tearing through the doggy-door from the backyard in his usual over-excited state. Don’t you love how they are always so incredibly happy to see you! Awww!

 Only this time he was dragging in half the garden with him, nearly black and covered in a slick muddy layer of soil, and what I can only guess was excrement. What the!

 Instructed to sit and stay, (thank goodness I invested in obedience lessons) the mess was restricted to being smeared under the path of a wagging tail while I swiftly dashed to the laundry and filled the mop bucket. Don’t ask me why I didn’t simply put him back outside… that would have been a far too easy and sensible course of action.


 Before I could return, Mum has arrived, and ‘Yoohooed’ through the doorway, effectively releasing soggy, smelly Bobby from his spot of penance. As she has let herself in, curling her nose up at the brown coloured artwork on the floorboards, Bobby has decided to add a finishing touch, sitting down on the carpet in the adjoining room and proceeded to drag his bum in a two metre long path. Maybe he was signing his name? A lovely stripe, not unlike a comet of fecal matter decorating the pile.

 Do you want to say Awww now?




 So dinner was delayed another hour while I mopped the floors, scrubbed the carpet on my hands and knees, and bathed an indignant looking Bobby; all to the soundtrack of Mum’s voice, painfully narrating my every action.

 By the time the food had been devoured, dishes done, and Mum on her return trip home, I’ve turned to see a dry clean Bobby peering up at me from beside the lounge, as if to say ‘What?’ Even after the day from hell, puppy cuddles and licks chase away the tension and once again I’m looking into those big brown eyes thinking, Aww, so cute!



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There’s always something to look forward to

Image     There are many things I could call myself – Eternal Optimist, Teacher, Cancer Survivor, Hairdresser, Proud Parent (of puppies), Showgirl & Ballroom Dancer, Office Worker, Adventurer, and Best Friend, but the one title I gravitate towards, like a meteor burning brightly, is Author.

       At first writing was a fancy, a hobby I dabbled away at in between classes, after work, during lunch, or in bed before I dropped off to sleep (and waking from a fantastic dream). But after not one, but two battles with the big ‘C,’ (and believe me, they were battles), it was enough of a sign (major kick in the butt) to start ticking items off the illusive Bucket List. And you guessed it – right at the top was Write a novel.

       So now I’m living for my desires (in between earning a living), jam-packing as much of life in each day that I can, be it out in the world experiencing it in person, or through the words I write on a page.

       Because I have so many story ideas, and a great deal to share, I thought a Blog would be the way to go. So here you can find teasers from the novels I’m working on, titbits of storyline ideas, and short stories, all helping me build a professional career in writing.

       There will be anecdotes from my life experiences, and words that I find inspiring. All of this to entertain and get the word out for support of my upcoming book launches – I did say eternal optimist right?!. (So feel free to ‘like,’ ‘follow this’ and comment to your hearts content. I’ll appreciate it immensely.)


Favourite topics to Blog:


The workplace can be a great source of amusement, especially if you have a quirky sense of humour… and you’ll need it in some of the places I’ve worked!


What do you want to do before you kick the bucket? I’m slowly ticking off my list, and adding new dreams, some of them simple, and others quite an undertaking. And there is always a story behind each!


With no shame, no care in the world, dogs can do the most hilarious things! My two constant companions and their friends are inspiration for some comical high-jinx!


Ever wonder what madness goes on behind the curtain when the show is over? Believe me there is plenty of craziness when you have big personalities that work and play together.

Casey Carlisle’s upcoming titles:

*Please note that cover art for unpublished manuscripts are a representation and not the official artwork.  

They may contain elements that I do not own, manipulated into a faux-cover – affectionately called “Craptastic Covers.” The possibility of a series developing for each is all a part of the artistic process to keep me inspired and writing. Feel free to submit your own Fan Art for a cover if it takes your fancy.

Smoulder (book one of the Smoulder series)


Riley Taylor’s return to Alice Springs has brought unwanted gossip and attention, her wishes that it revert to the usual and mundane are dashed when she meets the compelling and mysterious Theodore Puck – a firestarter – igniting her passion and leading her on a wild and thrilling ride.





 Embers (book two in the Smoulder series)

Image Life has become ever more difficult for Riley Taylor in her final year of High School in Alice Springs, she is only starting to control her new psychic gift after Teddy changed her – the man she fell for is not what he seems. Teddy Puck is going to have to win Riley’s heart all over again. But he has some strong competition, his cousin, Tom Tavish who has stirred a fire within her. All this seems so unimportant under the threat of a continuing danger determined to snuff out all of their lives, something which could so easily erupt in a super nova.



re-boot (book one in the re-boot series)


After recovering from a horrific car accident where she lost her Grandparents, Bailey Silverman is returning to High School. The strange side effects from her brain injury only intensify around Flynn Nelson, leading her to question: is it really a medical condition, or something else? Driven by an unknown need, Bailey pursues Flynn, fighting against the images of violently attacking him in her nightmares. Is Flynn the key to awakening her heart and becoming normal, or unlocking a monster inside?





de-frag (book two in the re-boot series)


So much has happened to Bailey Silverman in the last few years, but it was all worth it, for it has led her to Flynn Nelson, who has helped her through the worst. But now they face a new challenge as evidence comes to light that the car crash she lost her Grandparents in, may not have been an accident after all. And the strange side effects Bailey has been experiencing point to something even more bizarre.  As they dig deeper into the events surrounding the crash, they get a warning: Stop looking or you will wind up dead!




According to Celeste


Celeste, affectionately known as ‘Letty,’ was a thirty-eight year old train wreck. Her life sucked, more than sucked, it was pathetic! Beaten down from breast cancer and a cheating boyfriend, she quit her successful corporate career in Sydney to find herself back at her childhood home in dull and boring Townsville with nothing but time to think.

Working for her Mother and strong-armed into a series of blind dates, Letty’s last strand of self esteem is put to the test…

Can she find happiness in the one place she has always despised?



 Elysian Fields


Brought back to life after being found naked in an isolated snowy field, Cassidy tries returning to her life, but soon discovers her identity is a fake. Every memory she has does not exist. Her rescuer, Heath, a green-eyed, messy haired, grinning man – and the only one to make her feel safe – helps to uncover the mystery of her past.

Just as Cassidy’s feelings for Heath intensify, she awakens a violent power within her. Can Heath help unlock her secrets and take control, or is she a danger to him and everyone in MalvernFalls?



 The Understudy


Kay Sheppard had a gift – she could find the irony in just about anything. Little did she know that her entire existence was one major satirical joke – and that does not include the fact she has a Law degree but still works as a Checkout Chick at Woolies. Another dormant gift, one that was not meant to be hers, has started interfering in daily life, not to mention the annoying, short, chubby, Professor Chamberlain from the University, randomly showing up sprouting ridiculous tales of how she couldn’t be ‘The One.’ The world as Kay perceives it is about to be blown apart and maybe the only thing that will keep her sane is her incontrovertible sense of humour.




 Elliot for Keeps


Jay and Elliot have been best friends for nine years, but when Jay’s father announces he’s to attend boarding school to ‘become a man,’ Jay runs to Elliot’s house terrified it will mean the end of their friendship. In a moment of passion Elliot kisses Jay, turning their world upside down: making Jay question their past, himself and what if means for their future…




 Plain and Ordinary



All Carl wanted to do was get through High School and leave home from the overbearing shadow of his Father. He did everything he could to remain completely unextraordinary, tanking exams, choking in sports, anything to be overlooked. When Carl got partnered with Tom Wagner, an outgoing and popular ‘Ken-doll’ for an interschool talent show, there was no chance of hiding.  As their new friendship grew into something surprisingly intense, so did Carl’s popularity, none of which went unnoticed by is Father – all this led to Carl questioning – who really is ordinary?



© Casey Carlisle 2013. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Casey Carlisle with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.