Here Love, have a chicken … Casey Carlisle


Temping can be a joy and a burden… or both in one day! While working at a health clinic I relished the no stress attitudes of my boss, no deadlines to panic over, and no matter how rushed you were getting ready in the morning – you would always look glamorous in comparison to red-eyed, runny nosed and green-looking patients. I only say that because living in a tropical climate at the time, it was a constant up-hill battle against frizzy hair and unattractive sweat patches – being a ginger I’m built for colder climates and the indoors!

I loved hearing about the elderly patient’s lives, garnering tidbits of wisdom and stories of their travels about the globe, it’s just a pity nearly every one I got to speak to was feeling poorly. I really hoped my smile helped brighten their day (it’s hard to miss – my teeth take up half the area of my face).  However, it was extremely hard to keep a straight face when the old dears began to recount their sexual exploits… in detail. It is definitely an over-share to hear someone your Grandma’s age contorting like a gymnast… and then asking your opinion. Needless to say I had suddenly remembered I needed to attend a matter in the back room many times! And if you think that is bad, just wait til you get the patient who talks about nothing about their entire medical history – with visual aids. It’s geriatric show and tell. I don’t really need to see the mole next to your left nipple, or the weird rash on your buttocks in reception!

And these lovely biddies would visit often, always with samples of vegetables and fruit grown in their gardens, or homemade jams, biscuits and cakes – I never had to bring lunch.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if one day a silver-haired dear walked in and handed me a chicken!


But the best benefit of all – free consultations and medication, not to mention all the cute boys that come in for their appointments daily! The whole experience at the clinic reminds me of the famous quote by Voltaire – ‘The art of medicine is in amusing a patient while nature affects the cure.’

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