You’re smarter than you think…. by Casey Carlisle

Image When I moved to Melbourne for work, meeting a plethora of new friends, I had to endure that ‘getting-to-know-all-about-you’ stage again. I’d been cloistered away within the same safe group of friends for nearly ten years, so doing the ‘sell yourself’ thing to prospective employers and new connections was a little daunting. But one comment from my new friends stuck out at me – ‘You’ve done all that?’ It got me critiquing my CV wondering if it was all that unusual.

What I found, (although I may be a little ADD) realistically, I’d included all of my extracurricular activities. How many of us multi-task a number of careers or hobbies? You have interests outside of work, or sport, right? These are your forgotten secret skills! It is like checking through all the jacket pockets in your wardrobe and discovering some overlooked cash.

I’ve invested as much passion, if not more in each of these activities, and once achieving some sort of benchmark, I’d move on to another challenge.

Many of us switch career paths completely, or have more than one thing going on in our lives, create multiple streams of income, satisfy our creative urges, continuing at a mundane job to pay the bills. Everything is relative, everything is a feather to stick in your cap.

Forget about that shoulder-padded blazer you wear to work, what about the sloppy-joe you wear coaching, or the overalls you don when renovating the elusive ‘junk room?’ Are you the go-to person for any IT issues in the family? Do you like to read up on topics you may have overheard to satiate your curiosity or review the latest flick on a blog? It may be time to amalgamate your wardrobe and give all your skills equal standing, you’ll soon discover that you are far more interesting than you think!

So my answer to their wide-eyed wonder at the stories of my past is… ‘Yes! And I’m sure if you really think about it you have accomplished just as much too.’

Turn your passions into inspiration.

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