Here’s another excerpt from ‘Smoulder’ by Casey Carlisle

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Image            When I finally heard the lunch bell, I raced to the cafeteria. Bernie and Rebekah were quietly involved in a passionate discussion, careful to keep their voices quiet so no-one would hear, head’s ducked low and close together. None of Teddy’s group were lounging in their regular secluded spot away from everyone else. Instantly, I ached to see him, watch a smile broaden across his face. Find some comfort in his cautious eyes. This would not do!

None of the other group had come to the lunch table yet, and to distract myself, I decided to put a little notion to the test.

I concentrated on a blonde girl two tables over, recognising her from my Biology class. I think her name was Jane. Focusing my will power to listen in, hear her thoughts…


Trying a different tack, I quietened my mind, opening it up to whatever was floating about in the ether. Waiting for something to pop in, reveal someone’s inner thoughts…

Still nothing. So mind reading was out.

Next theory. I stared at a screwed up wrapper on the table next to me, imagining it moving of it’s own accord off the table, falling to the floor. Nothing else existed, darkness crept around the edges of my vision until only a circle of light existed around the crinkled plastic wrapper. No sound, not even my own breathing could be perceived.

Move! I thought.

Then suddenly it did.

“Is this yours?” Matthew had picked up the discarded rubbish I’d been staring at and held it out to me. “You look like you want it pretty badly.”

“Huh?” I blinked at him, the world around me flooding back into focus.

“At first I thought you were going to get up and thump Jane, although I don’t know why you would, she’s a nice girl. Then you turned your anger towards this innocent screwed up piece of plastic. So either you’re starving, angry or constipated. Nonetheless your expression is extremely unpleasant.”

“I was just thinking.”

“Of what? Me?” Matthew sat leaning forward with a silly grin.


“You forgot to turn off the gas?”

“Matt!” I warned.

“You’re in a mood tody. It’s not one of those lady things is it?”

If I had the power to compel anyone, it would have worked now. Every cell in my body was wishing Matthew would stop talking and leave. Even Bernie and Rebekah had stopped their intense whispering to stare at me.

“You know what? I think I’ll eat lunch somewhere else.”

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