You Pashed a Demon? …. by Casey Carlisle


Freezing my butt off at 1am, dressed in a white robe, sucking face with a demon… and it tastes like rubber!

As a bit of fun I agreed to star in a short film called ‘Midnight’s Medicine;’ Written, Produced and Directed by Ian West. Think ‘Creepshow’ or a gory ‘Twilight Zone’ and you’ll get the picture. The main motivation for taking part in this adventure was not only to add to my earthly experiences, but push outside my comfort zone and see what happens. It was a blast!

Thanks goodness I was only in make-up and costume for half an hour, not like the actors playing the demons in the film, whom spent in excess of two hours having layers of rubber and foam prosthetics and slatherings of face paint caked on to have them looking effectively horrific. My character was Wendy – the forty year old sacrificial virgin… only that I was a chain smoking, nine month pregnant (and ready to pop) sacrificial virgin; and amorous with all the demons to boot! I was done up in over-the-top smeared pageant make-up and messy, back-combed hair and gently pushed out on to a smoke filled set.


Cue the comedic performance, complete with a flirt and lick up the side of a spiky-face demon, followed by a cough… when the baby gestating inside my belly deftly popped out and fell to the ground with a wet splat (a prop baby, so don’t start ringing child services). At this point the surrounding five demons, all about to plunge a dagger into my heart in sacrifice to their adored devil master, are astounded that I am not, in fact, a virgin, and begin to accuse each other for defiling my virtue. Then the truth comes out – I’d had my wicked ways with all of them. A fight ensues and they all manage to slaughter each other leaving me standing there uninterested and puffing away on a ciggie.

The screen fades with me wandering off, shrugging at the display, forgetting the recently birthed progeny wriggling in a slimy puddle at my feet.

Not exactly a love story. LOL.

Best part of the night would have to be the camaraderie and catering services – best pasta and sausage sizzle to date. The worst, stepping in a tin of the lighter fluid used for the torches off camera and walking about the rest of the Melbourne middle-of-winters-night with a soggy shoe, and smelling like gasoline.

So I put it to you: don’t be afraid to try something new and crazy, you never know what kind of fun you’re going to have. They always make great stories!

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