Being terrified of heights, so needless to say I’ve not ventured to the zenith of this structure to experience the Skydeck on the eighty-eighth floor (eep!). The idea of being reduced into a pool of my own making while cowering and trembling against the railing as the floor disappears beneath me is not my idea of fun. Preferring to appreciate photography others have taken from the precipice is breathtaking enough for this acrophobic.

Content to gaze upward, basking in the protection of the over-sized obelisk’s shade, inspiration struck… and I found myself yanking out my notepad and pen to scribble down thoughts before they evaporated when I emerged once again into the sunlight. In homage to the aptly named construction I’d had my own Eureka moment for a storyline that had been giving me grief for weeks. It’s funny where revelations strike – the shower, the toilet, driving, mid-conversation, while ironing, and some other even more inconvenient times I’m too sensitive to mention – hence why I’m always travelling, like the dorky book worm I am, paper and writing instrument!

For this shot I’ve saturated the colour and increased the contrast a little, but nothing besides… just great timing and an ‘Ah-ha’ Moment.

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