Sick of all the diets, meal plans and fitness regimes that don’t work? Me too!

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It’s not about finding that one miracle pill or personal trainer, it’s about never giving up!

ImageI’ve been on a health kick of late, seven kilograms have snuck on around my tummy and thighs since Christmas, and admittedly, I haven’t been active or watching what food I put in my mouth. The SMALL changes I’ve made to my eating and exercising habits have made a big difference – and many of my friends and patients have been discussing and swapping information over this topic (the beginner for getting back into shape or losing weight) recently, so I thought I’d share our findings.

Yes, many pills and short crash diets can work, but they do not sustain the weight loss. You put it all back on – and then some! Most of us just don’t have it in us to adopt these long strenuous exercise plans or want to sacrifice too…

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