I’ve been stuck in a time vortex, lost in some forgotten place for a millennia, but have finally made the journey home!

Sunshine Coast and sunset

Sunrise over the Sunshine Coast, snapped by my wonderful neighbours.


Okay, slight over-dramatisation… the past six weeks I’ve had to travel interstate to deal with matters around my Mother’s Estate. It has definitely been a difficult journey. The first time I have been back to the house since she passed, surrounded by all her things. I could still smell her perfume. There were moments I’d expected Mum to walk through the door and head to the kitchen, put on the kettle for a cup of tea and a chat. But I felt strangely happy and calm, with her presence almost tangible.


My hiatus from the city into the mountain-top tropical rainforest and jaw-dropping views of the Eastern Coast provided a different perspective, and in the time I was up there,  re-focused on ways to achieve my goals.


I missed my writing terribly; both blogging, and works in progress. There was very little time for any of my usual activities, reading maybe an hour every other day. As the sun kissed the horizon my body was sore and exhausted from packing, moving furniture, maintaining the 3.5 acre garden, or putting my hand to many handy-woman jobs. While I was there I created a Writer’s Cottage for visits, to get away from distractions and finish off the latest novel I’m working on. There is a tarriance on the cards very soon!


So the posts will start dribbling in again. There is a backlog of books to review, and many a tale to tell of my experiences. But having such a long time (for me) away from my manuscripts, I’ll be ensuring to get a good number of pages out in the following weeks. I’m hoping that, and the planned renovations of my home, and packing up of most of the belongings here, won’t impact too heavily on my usual outflow of articles.


I’m really looking forward to getting back up to the sunshine at the Writers Cottage though – the coast is fifteen minutes away, and a natural spring at the foot of the property that the Marine Biologist in me is eager to study and observe. It’s been ages since I’ve had any good aquatic adventures. Plus the beautiful surrounds and lush greenery stimulate the senses and is the ideal place for making headway on other writing projects.


So with the brief interlude of the strangest mix of emotions I’ve ever gone through, it’s back to the keyboard with a head full of new amazing things to write about.

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