When life gets in the way…

When Life Gets in the Way by Casey Carlisle

Packing, renovating and moving have been a huge theme in my life of late – much to the disruption of my writing, reading, reviewing and blogging. The sad thing is – it’s not over yet. I can see another month or two, in the least, disappear from my writing schedule. That will make a total of a six month necessary detour to deal with real life issues before I can dive head first back into my literary world where I can feel safe, strong and in control once more.


Given that my activities have revolved around packing boxes, painting, and gardening, there isn’t a great deal I’m excited about to create a blog around. There is, however, an air of new beginnings radiating around me. A year ago my life was completely different. I felt secure in my home, made calls to my Mother a couple of times a week to chat, was just about to launch into a new direction in my career… future’s so bright kind of stuff.


Well my future is still shining, but it is unrecognisable in comparison to a year ago; and I’m still excited about it… but ponder on how unexpected turns in our life shapes us in surprising ways. Ironic how what I’m living through is the kind of thing my characters live through in my YA novels. I can only assume that this experience is going to enrich my writing.


So with no real topic to discuss, I thought I’d fill you in on the little I am able to do at the moment:


August is going to be a month of sequels. There are many series of books I’ve commenced this year, and decided that this month I was going to jump into the second instalments of many… so expect to start seeing reviews coming at you hard and fast in the following weeks (if I get to spend some time uploading them… so many nights I’ve crashed out cold after a hard days labour while trying to attend to this blog).


With no decent chunk of time to spend writing, I’ve been grabbing moments to write a few pages here and there, and thinking about plots of future manuscripts and developing them further. I’m chomping at the bit to have some quality time at my computer to churn out some paragraphs… but this will have to do until I’m settled.

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