Why moving house is a lot like editing.

source: ellenturningpages.wordpress.com "2010 Wuthering Heights"

source: ellenturningpages.wordpress.com “2010 Wuthering Heights”

It’s no secret that the past few months every one of my days has been filled with packing belongings in boxes and renovating houses. It’s a time of upheaval, evaluation and renewal.

I swore that I was not going to blog, or whine about the endless task I am currently undertaking, but then I realised much of what I am doing is not dissimilar to my writing and editing process.

Your body of work, or work in progress, is your house. You’ve lovingly created a home, complete with all your little nick nacks and creature comforts. You’ve settled in and made a space for yourself that is all your own. It’s safe and comfortable.

But when it comes time to move, and the daunting task of carefully wrapping up every belonging in readiness for transport…

You pick up each item, and ponder ‘do I really need this?

It’s so much like going over your first draft, crossing out obsolete sentences and paragraphs to ensure your manuscript is well paced and engaging. Deleting waffle and nonsensical phrases, weeding out the useless.

The house may need some touch ups for the new owners or renters – a coat of paint, some new appliances…

Which I liken to improving my draft with better flowing prose and new content to give it a ‘wow’ factor.

And just like the anxiety of leaving your old house behind, melancholy over the history you shared; mixed with the excitement of a new horizon in a new place…

Once the changes are done with your writing masterpiece, it’s time to hand it to the publisher or printer, because that’s as good as it’s going to get. Time to start a brand new piece.

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