The Elation of Writing…

I don’t know if other writers have this experience, but it struck me as a little odd – if not narcissistic. When re-reading my work through the editing process after having let it sit for some weeks, I have a plethora of reactions:

 The Elation of Writing by Casey Carlisle

What the hell was I thinking? Was I drinking when I wrote this section?


I’m sure this isn’t even a part of the English Language!


Lame! What person since the dawn of humanity would utter those words unless it was in a C-Grade horror movie.


OMG I’m so talented. I can’t believe I wrote that *clapping hands*


I need to phone everyone right now and let them know just how brilliant this book is turning out.


Does any of this paragraph need to be included – I must have been off on one of my rants again.


When did I write this? Have little gremlins snuck into my study at night and added pages of wondrous prose?


My dog obviously wrote this paragraph.


My readers are going to lapse into a coma.


That joke is still funny!


Where’s that whole section where the heroine kicked some ass – it was brilliant! Don’t tell me it all happened in my head and I didn’t write any of it down…


I’m never going to finish this manuscript.


I see dust. Hmmm maybe it’s time to spring clean the house.


Is it too late to take back calling myself a writer?

… and on it goes. Despite the rollercoaster ride of emotions every time I sit at the keyboard, I’m helplessly addicted. I can’t stop writing.


‘Like’ if you relate 🙂

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