Cows go Moo, Dogs go Woof!

Those of you who follow my blog know I now have three dogs… the new addition of my Mothers puppy into the fold has encouraged some bizarre behavior in the pack.

My dogs weren’t the sanest pair to begin with, but now I just shake my head.

All of a sudden, now when we go for walks, it seems that they think its fine to bark, whine and make this high-pitched keen every time another pooch wanders past. It’s like I have a pack of wild animals on the leash. Not to mention, accompanied with the kafuffle there’s jumping, and wrapping of leads around my legs and I’m standing there like a demented Statue of Liberty with gnashing canines at her feet… So it’s back to “Learn to Walk on a Lead 101” again!

Cows go Moo 03 by Casey Carlisle


Apart from the weird excitable keening upon spotting another canine, other strange noises have started to become habitual.

For instance, when one wants some attention; be it for a pat, or food, a bovine moo should be uttered.

Cows go Moo by Casey Carlisle

When really excited, and playing tickles, one should pull a face and hiss like Predator! Alternatively you could also turn your head side to side and make a noise like a revving engine.

Cows go Moo 02 by Casey Carlisle

Also, if one should get your hair caught in your claw while scratching, or under a chair leg, one should squeal repeatedly as if you are being beaten to death with a blunt object.

The only time I actually hear them make species appropriate noises is when I’m entering or exiting the front door… and it sounds like I have 20 dogs inside barking instead of three.

And now, if they want a pat, they will either sit on your foot or hand… or drop their head and ram it into any crevice in your body they can reach (which is usually my armpit).


Cows go Moo Dogs of Woof by Casey Carlisle

And don’t get me started on their weird sleeping positions…


Muttly Mania by Casey Carlisle

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