Start up shenanigans

Sometimes the adventure you take to start writing is just as entertaining.

Start up Shenanigans by Casey Carlisle picture by Minahohh95

I booted up my ancient computer this morning, which I love – it’s not networked and has no internet access and therefore less distraction when writing.


Upon pressing the on switch, my screen lights up, accompanied with an unfortunate whirring sound. Oh God, not the fan! I am not ready for the desktop to be on its last legs!


I waited for a few moments before turning it off hoping it would stop, but it didn’t, so I closed the computer down. The sound ceased.


Re-booting the trusty old contraption for a second attempt, in hopes the problem had magically fixed itself (as they sometimes do) and once again shortly after flicking the switch, a familiar whirring began.


Oh bother in a hat!


Maybe one more re-start before resigning myself in taking it to the shop…


Then after I had shut down the desktop… the sound kept going. What tha?


Cringing, I discovered it was the neighbor across the road trimming the edged of his lawn with a whipper-snipper.


Well that was embarrassing!

UPPERCASE lowercase banner by Casey Carlisle

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