When do you write? How do your write?

Where dou you write by Casey Carlisle

Hermit writers, coffee huggers, napkin scribes… we all have our own way of spanking our inner moppet.

I have colleagues that can write anywhere, but for me that only happens when I’m in ‘the zone,’ a sink hole could open up and suck down the entire block and I’d be none the wiser. Unfortunately those moments (of manic writing) aren’t so frequent.

If I have my earphones and cell phone, while listening to whatever playlist I’m in the mood for, it enhances my ability to shut out the world and focus. The tram on the way to and from work was the best place for me to utilise some downtime. Sometimes in the park, library or a café. I think without music I’d lose the best tool I have in helping me to write. (Secretly – having the earbuds in helps block out the flatmate and his frequent nonsensical blurts, and other noises *cough-farting-cough*. He loves to think out loud and constantly pulls me from the narrative I’m creating.)

Now it’s all about the nature fest!

Comfortably set up in my new digs, offering frequent trips outside the study – or just the magnificent view – inspire me… a natural spring, view of the beach, discovering edibles on the property macadamia, avocado, orange, mango, brazilian grape (jubuticaba), paw paw, and lemon fill my nose with cool fresh scented mountain air, energizing me to work (and tempt me into adding more to the garden beds – who knows I could develop a green thumb and live self sufficiently? Here’s hoping 🙂

My new soundtrack while at the computer consists of wildlife – ducks and ibis on the spring, kookaburras laugh every evening, colourful rosella parrots, frogs galore (tiny ones) and a multitude of insects… such a change from the city. There is less noise to block out and I’m finding focus easy.

With the warmer weather, I’m more inclined to be found outdoors, scratching on a pad with an old fashioned pen. I’m a little wary at times because I spotted a snake yesterday, weaving past and up into a tree. I had visions of happily scribing away before a ninja tree snake descended from above. Bonsai!!

The sky is so clear at night and I can see far more stars compared to the Melbourne skyline. I’d love to perch on the balcony and tap away at the laptop, but until I get a screened enclosure, I’ll have to skip it. The mosquitoes are like an itchy death squadron and I’m covered in ugly red bumps.

So, for now, I keep to the study and coffee shops (and maybe poolside at my Aunty’s house) until I make a few changes. And who knows, the beach is fifteen minutes away and there are so many quaint places of interest close by. Next time I feel claustrophobic a short drive and a change of scenery…

Where is the best place you find your muse? Do like to shut out the world or be in the thick of it?

Do you always use a computer to write, or switch it up with an old fashioned typewriter or pen?

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One thought on “When do you write? How do your write?

  1. Diana Quartey says:

    I write on my desk and in bed. I only use a tablet and a smartphone. This helps me to file my notes and stop 2 little boys from grabbing my sacred notes and creating paper snow drops with them.

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