The Three Furmigoes!

Having the opportunity to work from home means I never miss out on the crazy antics of my fur babies… and this week was a doozy!


Writing full time, means I can take my office wherever I go, but usually it is in the study where I have an allotted amount of time to create new content – and it is never without an audience… which can sometimes turn into a big distraction.

MM Dat face! Ben looking cute by Casey Carlisle

The baby of my trio – Ben – and I say baby because he is hopeless. A big snuggly teddy bear – despite being the largest of the three, this cuddle monster is always the one trying to sit on your lap, attached at your feet like a shadow and only comes alive in your presence. At the beginning of the week we had some massive thunderstorms. And Ben hates thunder. He is reduced to a quivering, slobbering mess. It doesn’t matter if you are asleep, he will manoeuvre his was onto your bed and climb atop your head to wake you with a face full of drool. So I didn’t get much sleep that night. I spent it sitting in bed with a towel under the dog, wrapped up in my arms vibrating like a massage chair. Needless to say, the next morning, hours after the storm had dissipated, this fluffy bunny still did not want to be put down. When I went to the bathroom he was most indignant, using the full force of his puppydog eyes in hopes I would pick him up again… I am so under his spell!

MM Bobby loves Baked Beans  by Casey CarlisleOur grumpy old man dog, Bobby, has a protence for all things cardboard. Forget fluffy toys – give him a box or toilet paper roll and he’s in heaven. [Tip: never leave a tissue box in his reach – even if it can be accessed via the chair, desk and bookshelf – he will delight in pulling our every tissue to decorate the room before chewing the box to bits… You get the picture: he’s a freak for cardboard!] So to my amusement, one afternoon when fixing myself a snack of baked beans on toast, the wrapper fell to the floor, which was made out of… you guessed it – cardboard. Only this time I think he decided it would look much better as a necklace than in hundreds of bits over the floor.

MM Hamburger Baillie by Casey CarlisleThe newest addition to the family – Baillie – has personality galore! He loves to sleep in weird places, run, bark… a real ball of energy. So during my cleaning day, I’d stacked the dog beds atop one another while vacuuming. Later I noticed the little black and white mischief maker was nowhere to be seen. I called and called to no avail (which is nothing new – Baillie is selectively deaf and only responds to a squeaky toy or the crinkle of the dog biscuit bag). So I started looking about room by room until, as I walked by the mattresses, out pops a head to growl and lick my leg. Someone was playing hide and seek! Run your fingers along the edge and out would jump a static haired face to make some noise and disappear in an instant. I swear my dogs are batshit crazy at times, but am so glad I get to have the opportunity to witness their childish games.

My work day would be so boring if not for my fluffy companions, they entertain, reduce stress, and listen intently when I discuss my latest plot twist.

I’m just hoping I don’t end up getting labelled the crazy dog lady…

Do your pets help you write?

I’m thinking the personality traits they exhibit would make for some interesting characters.

Muttly Mania by Casey Carlisle

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