I, Me, Mine.

What would happen if we removed self identifiers and possessive nouns from our language – would we live as more of a collective consciousness?

I, My, Mine Pic 03

Today I had a random thought about language and its power… In a world of self importance, greed, selfies and vanity, what if ‘I’ was replaced with ‘us?’ How would that change our outlook on life and the world in a larger scale?

Maybe there would be no hunger, poverty and war because one single person did not own anything – it’s all community property. It takes a bit to get your head around.

Indigenous communities illustrate a communal view better, like the aboriginals where they don’t own portions of land, but belong to it. Everything is shared and duty of care is extended to the tribe as a hole.

Think about it – you could walk over the road into your neighbours house and make yourself a cuppa and watch their tv – because there is no boundaries, no ownership. Blows your mind right. I seriously doubt it would happen with the greed and ownership indoctrinated into us from birth. So don’t go wandering into someone’s house just yet. There is a whole psyche that needs to be addressed.

But the idea is curious. Utopian even.

We have rules in language, rules in society – how much does one dictate the other? Does something really exist until we give it a name? The printing of the Bible changed the religious landscape dramatically. As did the Declaration of Independence. As do our laws… it’s all the power of the written word.

Something to think about…

(If we removed the word money and its need in society would we ever be poor? Now that’s a cool idea!)

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