Casey’s First Book

My first journey into publishing at the age of 4.


I was obsessed with ‘Little Golden Books’ and ‘Mr Men’ books as a child. I had to have every release in my collection, and would sit in front of the bookcase reading each book over and over. Mum would always find me sitting behind the lounge (behind which was our book shelves) methodically working my way along the shelf, either reading aloud to the dog or my baby brother… or an imaginary audience of my own making.

And then it occurred to me – I could make my own Little Golden Book!

So I dragged out every pen, texter and pencil I owned, scrounged up some blank paper and insisted Mum help me write my first book. Now!

And apparently I was also obsessed with dogs…

Casey's First Book 02 by Casey Carlisle

Even at a young age I understood typography – notice the picturesque ‘O’ beginning the story – I strongly suspect I had a book I was copying from. I’m quite proud of the neat writing and colouring in the lines – I was a little OCD as a child. If I wasn’t writing this book I’d probably be tormenting my mother by singing at the top of my lungs while banging her cooking pots with a wooden spoon as my make-shift drum set.

I was a firm believer of gender equality at this age too – and hygiene!

Casey's First Book 03 by Casey CarlisleDid I mention I loved dogs? Apparently they didn’t smell as bad as boys… and we had the magical ability to fly! (What ever happened to that? I have needed to skip the morning traffic and road rage many times since). I’m a little disturbed that I was flying around the globe with dogs – naked…

Casey's First Book 04 by Casey Carlisle

Not only did I love dogs – but I would make everyone love them too.

And the boys were still smelly.

Casey's First Book 05 by Casey Carlisle

Who wants to play with dolls – dogs are so much better! (Side note: I was terrified of dolls as a child – my cousin used to chase me around the back yard to try and play with Barbies and I would bolt away screaming. I had walked in on my father watching a horror movie where dolls came to life and eat people – that, and we visited Longreach one time where they have animatronic dummies that come to life to tell a story. Freaky! So no dolls, puppets, mannequins, ventriloquist dolls for me. I was scared at a young age). I’m glad I knew how to spell ‘would’ but it seems ‘because’ and ‘different’ were big girl words…

Oh – but I really loved dogs!

Dogs mean world peace!

Casey's First Book 06 by Casey Carlisle

I can remember how proud I was upon seeing my book in the shelf next to all the others, but when we went to the shops and the library was most upset not to see it gracing their shelves. I think that fact discouraged me from making any more editions for quite a while. Instead I settled for playing with my dogs… and banging pots!

Casey's First Book 07 by Casey Carlisle

Casey's Childhood Banner by Casey Carlisle

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