Scramble your brain – you may be surprised what comes out.

Scrable your brain Pic 01 by Casey CarlisleWhen I get stuck on my work in progress I don’t let it defeat me!

After jumping back and forward in the plot, editing, or working on some marketing material, if I’m just not feeling it, I jump into what I call – kamikaze writing mode

Basically I force my grey matter to start scratching for ideas.

I set up my day (or usually a few weeks) where I begin at my desk at 8am and spend an hour solid writing. Be it on another novel, blog post, or something new. I set a timer so there is no excuses, no interruptions and scribe away. You have to disconnect during this time: no checking email, surfing facebook, no phone, just you and the page!

When that hour is up, you have half an hour reprieve – but that must be something active. This usually entails housework of some kind, or gardening, running an errand, or dancing stupidly with the dogs. The point is to get the blood pumping and remove yourself from writing/creating completely.

And thus goes my day until 5-5:30pm when I can finally relax and tally up my word count.

The results usually yield anywhere between 6,000-10,000 words. Generally after a week of doing this method, I have enough material to edit and motivation to focus on a single project again. I guess it’s not overcoming writers block per se, more like giving your head a shake up to get out of a rut.

Sometimes reading a good book, or watching a fun movie helps. Visiting friends or simply sitting outside in nature away from all the noise and trappings revitalises the ol’ noggin’.

Scramble you brain thingsithinkarekindacooldotcomWhat techniques do you have for keeping your writing fresh? Do you get a feel for when your writing starts to go flat? I love sharing tips on feeding that inner muse and want to hear what you do… comment below!

In the meantime – happy writing.

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