Writing slump = Reading blitz!

If it’s not one thing it’s the other…


I have been absent from my blog over the past four weeks or so. I managed to get food poisoning, and from there it was just a downward spiral… when you are feeling crappy (and sorry for yourself) it’s hard to force those creative juices and sit at the keyboard all day. Let alone venture outside when you’d scare children away with a pallid complexion and unbrushed hair.

So I indulged in the other side of my literary love – reading. I don’t recall a time when I have ever read so many books in such a short space of time, demolishing my T.B.R pile considerably. I was entertained, I learnt a few things, and experienced many feels.

And I don’t feel guilty, because I accomplished something (other) in the time I should have been writing.


My reading experience was purely intuitive. I wasn’t working through a list, just simply pulling books that I felt like reading at the time. A couple I put back after ten pages or so, and the results have been very satisfying… it should have been a read-a-thon!

So now I have a back log of book reviews to write up – plenty of blogging fuel. (so stay tuned)

Usually when I take a break from writing it’s for marketing material, but this marathon of reading was so much fun… what are your best productive escapes from writing?

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