Film vs Novel – Bitten

What’s that smell? Blame the dog…

Bitten FilmvsNovel Review Pic 01 by Casey Carlisle

There has never been a clearer winner in a comparison of book to tv show. It’s the show hands down! I found the book laborious and only brief shining moments where I was actually getting into the novel.

My biggest problem in this universe is the treatment of Elena by Clay (and other werewolf males quite frankly). It is dominating and misogynistic. Even though Elena does rally against it, she ultimately gives in time and time again. I understand Kelly Armstrong was using dynamics of canine behaviour for the pack mentality (mostly men) and tried to create an animalistic and unrelenting love between Elena and Clay, but I ultimately found it dominating and abusive. Both the book and tv show left me uncomfortable.

I enjoy other aspects in the television series however, it is watchable, but only just. Having other story lines and other women included in the production help redeem ‘Bitten’ on the small screen. I was a little confused about the book: on the cover it quotes “Meet the Women of the Otherworld,” and well… what women? There was only Elena, and the way she was treated was abhorrent.

Although Armstrong’s writing style is okay, I could not get past the subject matter and it tarnished the entire experience for me.

Bitten FilmvsNovel Review Pic 02 by Casey CarlisleI’m not a huge fan of Laura Vandervoot, who plays Elena Micheals, but she does a commendable job; as does Greyston Holt as Clayton Danvers. Some of the other cast are a little hit and miss, but the overall production of the show is top rate and is certainly a visual feast with plenty of eye candy.

I found parts of the novel to be a little graphic (either sexual or gore by nature) and that is certainly translated to the screen… maybe I’m getting soft in my maturity, but I was skipping forward in those parts both on screen and page.

So the novel is a big thumbs down from me, and I won’t be picking up anything else in this series; and the tv show… average viewing, but neither something I would mention to my friends to partake in.

Critique Casey by Casey Carlisle

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2 thoughts on “Film vs Novel – Bitten

  1. Sophie says:

    Women of the underworld is the name of the serie. You meet them in the following novels and soon the characters start to crossover as the main plotine unravel. Bitten is centered on Elena but it’s also the introduction. Although Bitten is not my favorite of the series, it allowed me to meet the otherworld women. Each of them have their own stories and are linked to the main book. Each one have a different tone (sexuality and gore are not as detaiked in every bookplotline, here it was linked to the animalistic aspect), reflecting the personality of the character involved. Concerning the misogynistic aspect and Elena, she continues to defy it in her own way in the following novel. Per her existence itself and her role in the pack , she starts to change the structure of things that seemed set in stone.


    One of the reason that Jeremy wants her back in the pack in this book is to prepare her for her future role. By the end of the series, the pack and her defy convention when she becomes the alpha.

    • femaleinferno says:

      I’m glad the tone of the series gets better, for it definitely wasn’t set up in ‘Bitten.’ I still don’t think I’m going to continue with the series though, it really gave me the heebs. It was constantly wanting to punch something.

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