Show Speak Love by Casey Carlisle

I had another gentle reminder from the Universe this week about not letting myself get complacent. My eldest furbaby had to go to the vet for an operation to remove cancer. I was terrified. It brought back memories of my own battle with cancer, of losing my mother. I wasn’t prepared to lose another member of my family. That was my ‘poor me’ moment.

Thankfully it didn’t last.

My puppy pulled through the procedure with flying colours and is happily tottering around my feet sporting stitches and a narly haircut. When the shave parts grow back it will hide the scars. But the fright of such a serious disease threatening my canine companion made me face what it is I’ve been doing with my life of late.

After my own brush with death I set about making a Bucket List and work every day to tick items off. When I lost my Mother I have made an effort to connect with those I love and let them know how special they are to me.

And today… well today was like a kick up the bum to check my progress. There is always room for improvement. I am thankful for everyday, but recently I noticed a trend to fall into a pattern. Losing that spark of adventure and excitement.

So I have to thank my little pooch for the love he has given me, and share more excitement together in our lives yet to come.

The picture above is from my cousin’s wedding – a fitting backdrop as the family comes together to celebrate love.

Show Your Love by Casey CarlisleDo something nice for someone else. Cook a meal, clean the house, give them a cuddle… actions prove so much and we should never waist a moment to let those who are important to us know how valuable they are.

Speak Your Mind by Casey CarlisleWords, as well as actions have a profound affect on those around us. Say thankyou, say I love you. We also want to stay true to ourselves – keep communicating your feelings, your desires. Be you. Lying or pretending to be someone you’re not doesn’t do anyone any favors. Especially you. Be kind. Be compassionate. Be truthful.

Follow Your Heart by Casey CarlisleDon’t let your dreams die! Go for those goals. Whether it’s to travel abroad, talk to your crush, grow a garden – what ever it is that is your hearts desire – got for it! Fill your life with great experiences – and let your smile shine from the inside.

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