Book Review – Never Never (Part 1) by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

You can find love in the strangest of places… no matter who you are.

Never Never Part 1 Book Review Pic 01 by Casey CarlisleGenre: Y/A, Contemporary, Romance, Mystery

No. of pages: 159

From Goodreads:

Best friends since they could walk. In love since the age of fourteen. 
Complete strangers since this morning.
He’ll do anything to remember. She’ll do anything to forget.  

Page border by Casey Carlisle The author’s names alone had me picking up this title – plus it is a short novel, great for reading after some of the thick, heavy series I’m in the middle of at the moment without killing any momentum. ‘Never Never’ turned out to be exactly what I needed.

I nearly only gave this 3.5 stars because of the overdone aspect of amnesia in a story line, and the fact that the book resolves little… but I also liked that we don’t find out what exactly is going on, but uncover even more that needs to be sleuthed out.

Never Never Part 1 Book Review Pic 02 by Casey CarlisleCharlie and Silas really are different people from who they were sans amnesia – it is important to realise just how much memories make us the person we are… and how much it doesn’t. And we really get a sense of that here.

I loved the mystery, and how they both tried to uncover answers without spilling their own secret. Each fumbling along in unfamiliarity, it kept me on the edge of my seat. The only thing they have to go on is their gut feelings. Because of this, you see a lot of their true natures shine through.

There is plenty of intrigue here, and an obvious shiz-storm of a situation they had left behind… which they will have to deal with at some point.

I loved that this is a book on its own… like a prelude movie, or teaser.

One aspect that wasn’t so great was the insta-love trying to assert itself. It wasn’t exactly like that, but the undercurrent was looming in the periphery and, thank goodness it wasn’t all out unsubstantiated passion, we merely get a hint, we know there is a history, but it’s tied up in the mystery, so I managed to get past it.

I really appreciated the writing style – it was both melodic and edgy, really fitting the target market, but also with a touch of sophistication. I am really looking forward to the rest of the series, and jumped online and ordered ‘Never Never Part 2’ right away… part three is yet to be released (next year) but something I’m definitely adding to my collection.

Overall feeling: Wondrous and magical

 Never Never Part 1 Book Review Pic 03 by Casey Carlisle

Never Never Part 1 Book Review Pic 04 by Casey Carlisle

Critique Casey by Casey Carlisle

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