Upgrade Your Writing

Making use of technology in the creative process.

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About 6 months ago I had finally been able to replace my aging minilaptop that was the solo piece of technology I used for writing – and what a massive difference it makes to have both a laptop and desktop that actually work and don’t have that processing delay. Additionally, I was forced to become more productive on my phone for online stuff, and treasured an old non-networked computer solely for writing. While that situation was great for creating novels, it played havoc in trying to maintain my blog (my other form of writing). So, my frustrations have finally gone!

Now that I’ve settled into life with all my new gadgets, I’m finding more creative ways to write, read and edit.

While I still can’t go past the trusty red pen and paper for the editing process. Ideas usually get hurriedly typed out on my mobile phone and emailed back to myself. I did try sending myself a recorded voice message, but was so freaked out by the sound of my own voice, that I quickly ditched that method.

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I’ve tried a few applications for authors, but tend to stick to Word and my trusty pinboard to track my plot and arcs. It’s the tactile aspect and the fact it’s all laid out in front of my eyes that keeps my writing in perspective. When it’s filed away on the computer it’s easy to forget.

But I have been toying with the idea of using the dictation element on Word to write… does anyone use the speak function on their word processors?

One of the best aspects of this tech upgrade has been the interconnectivity of all of my devices – without having to upload my manuscript into the cloud (I’m a little paranoid about that). Being able to wirelessly connect to my desktop, or plug in a memory stick and work from anywhere lets me move my office into the sun room, on the deck by the spring, titter away in a coffee shop, airport, car, beach…. anywhere that takes my fancy. It does amazing things for your imagination and motivation when you can change your scenery every now and then. Writer’s block be gone!

And reading is easier – I can change up from a book, to an e-reader, or even an audio book. I was such a dinosaur 6 months ago.

Upgrade your writing Pic 04 by Casey Carlisle

I know none of this is news to anybody, but not all of us can afford the latest gadgets. But now I can truly appreciate how incorporating them into the writing process can increase productivity.

They can also be a bit time suck or distraction. You still have to be vigilant of your time and not get lost on tumblr or YouTube.

What piece of technology as made improvements to your process? Any tips for using tech for blossoming novelists?

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