Complete Your Series!

This year I’m determined to finish off a lot of series that I have started in the past few years (and then neglected). So I’m challenging myself to complete those collections that I already own all the books for (not series that are still waiting publication of further instalments).

I was quite alarmed once I finished compiling this list –it’s quite an assortment… better get to a reading, like quick smart girl!

I’m determined to complete at least 3 series before I’m allowed to pick up any of the new unread series on my shelves.

2016 is the year of getting things done!

Flat Out Love series Banner by Casey Carlisle

Flat Out Love series by Casey Carlisle.jpg

I started reading this 2 years ago – I think I’ve been putting it off because Parks writing is emotionally intense, something I need to brace myself for.

The Lunar Chronicles Banner by Casey Carlisle

The Lunar Chronicles by Casey Carlisle

A bit of a cheat since ‘Stars Above’ is still on it’s way, but I’d only just recently started trying to catch up before ‘Winter’ was released. Now that it’s staring me in the face I’m dying to read it.

Divergent Trilogy by Casey Carlisle

Divergent series by Casey Carlisle

Glad to cross this one off, finished Allegiant just last week J

The Teen Romance series Banner by Casey Carlisle

The Teen Romance series by Casey Carlisle

An unexpected series that I really enjoyed, and I’m glad to have a GLBTQIA+ series in this list. After a turbulant story in the first book, I’m curious to see where these two boys end up next.

Vampire Academy Series Banner by Casey Carlisle

Vampire Academy Series by Casey Carlisle

Just one book to go! I’ve been loving Rose and Lissa and have hopes for Dimitri in the final book, I just don’t know what’s going to happen… *biting my nails*  Plus, when this is finished, there’s always the Bloodlines series to indulge in.

Earth Girl trilogy Banner by Casey Carlisle

Earth Girl trilogy by Casey Carlisle

No excuse for not finishing this series off earlier – just got distracted by so many other good books… Oi vey! Aliens, archaeology, portals to other planets…. No more putting this off!

Across the Universe trilogy Banner by Casey Carlisle

Across the Universe trilogy by Casey Carlisle

I have intentionally been shirking finishing this trilogy, I wasn’t particularly impressed with the first two books. But alas, the obsessive-compulsive in me says I need to put this lot to bed. Maybe planetfall will make it a more intersting read?

Shadowhunter Universe Banner by Casey Carlisle

The Mortal Istruments Series by Casey Carlisle

The Infernal Devices by Casey Carlisle

The Bane Chronicles by Casey Carlisle


It’s like when your at a candy store and there’s so many yummy choices that you end up catatonic. Must. Read. So. Good.  I really want to marathon the rest of this series, and I know there is still so much more to add to my collection, but I’m not letting myself buy any more Shadowhunter goodness until I read the rest of these.

Shatter Me trilogy Banner by Casey Carlisle

Shatter Me trilogy by Casey Carlisle

The first two novels were a push for me. I really did not enjoy them. It’s just Tahereh Mafi’s writing style, I mean the story is really intersting, but when I start reading the books I feel like head-butting the wall. But the OCD in me insists I must finish… I know heaps of people love these books, hopefully there will be some breakthrough in my brain and things will yet turn around.

The Darkest Minds Trilogy (and novellas) Banner by Casey Carlisle

The Darkest Minds Trilogy (and novellas) by Casey Carlisle

Again, another crowd favourite that failed to impress me. An average sort of read, though I’ve only read the first novel, there is plenty left in the series to blow my britches – fingers crossed!

IFICS Trilogy Banner by Casey Carlisle

IFICS Trilogy by Casey Carlisle

Another start that left me with a bad taste in my mouth – why did I have to buy all three together? We’ll see if book two can improve on things because I don’t want this to be the first trilogy I do not finish. I mean, it’s a cyborg super spy – where did it all get so pear shaped?

The Caster Chronicles Banner by Casey Carlisle

The Caster Chronicles by Casey Carlisle

I absolutely adored the debut novel, but held off after reading bad reviews for the subsequent installments, but I’m getting that itch again. Maybe I should stop looking novels up on Goodreads and just enjoy the experience as I turn the page – let the words cast their own spell on me… (see what I did there?)

The Mara Dyer trilogy Banner by Casey Carlisle

The Mara Dyer trilogy by Casey Carlisle

After loving the debut, and then feeling so-so for the follow up, I’m hesitant to read the last installment of Mara Dyer. Plus it’s dark and intense and you spend so much time wondering what the heck is going on without any pay off, Well, at least with one more left it should wrap everything up nicely, right? Please tell me it does.

Unwind Dystology Banner by Casey Carlisle

Unwind Dystology by Casey Carlisle

Teens for spare body parts – love it! We were just on the verge of rebellion in the first novel, so I really want to get back into this series. I don’t even remember why I stopped.

Lux Universe Banner by Casey Carlisle

Lux Universe by Casey Carlisle

Ahh, hot glowy aliens… need I say more? A guilty pleasure with angst, heavy petting, and high school. With two more books just added to my collection I need to get on to it!


Translucent Series Banner by Casey Carlisle

Translucent Series by Casey Carlisle

A new series I recently got into. Easy, fast sci-fi reads. Invisibility and dark matter. Not the best written series, but a great way to spend an afternoon. I can’t wait to see what Dan Rix will do with these girls.

Hourglass Trilogy Banner by Casey Carlisle

Hourglass Trilogy by Casey Carlisle

Started this spooky time-travel series years ago and only recently aquired the rest of the books to this trilogy. Can’t wait to see what happens to our heroine.

Deathworks Series Banner by Casey Carlisle

Deathworks Series by Casey Carlisle

A Grim Reaper. A multi-national company of Grim Reapers! And it’s set right here in Brisbane, Australia! Such a great seires by some local talent, took me ages to track down the rest of Trent Jamieson’s books, but now I have them in my hot little hands.. mwah ha ha! (that was my maniacal laugh btw.)

Page border by Casey Carlisle

Holy Hanna! That leaves a total of over 30 books needed to complete these series… doesn’t leave much room to read other books unless I start skipping sleep altogether… and don’t think I won’t try.

So lets’ see if I can get all of this list done before the end of the year – it is achievable. Let’s just hope I don’t get too distracted with new releases.


What series have you left by the wayside and need to complete? Are you easily distracted? Share your TBR series in the comment section below:

UPPERCASE lowercase banner by Casey Carlisle

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