Writing getaway


The beach, tropical sunsets… the perfect backdrop to dive into my latest writing project.

Except I didn’t.

I had every intention to scribble out some prose during this short holiday to N.S.W. But I’ve been catching up with relatives, checking out the sites, and stuffing my face with seafood. So the writing thing just ain’t going to happen. Neither will uploading the book reviews I had planned – the only internet access I have is via my phone. (So this post comes compliments of my Blackberry)

I have managed to get some reading done – as you do in tropical surrounds. I brought 3 novels with me and have since added another 2 from shopping (I’m such a lost cause and always indulge in book sales)

Final edits on my book ‘Smoulder’ have been going well though; I was hoping to have it finished by the end of Feb, but I think it’s going to be another month yet – and that’s if I don’t decide on any major re-writes.


So the seaside locale of Ballina has been wonderful food for the soul – plenty of time to read, the sea spray and sunset walks over soft sand. I can feel the cobwebs being blown out of the grey matter! The holiday is only half over, so plenty more time to explore, edit, read and write…

This trip started out as a planned catch-up with family, but turned into a muse for plenty of prose on my return home.

Keep an eye out for more book reviews in a weeks time when I’m back to the regularly scheduled posting.

And as always happy writing (and reading)

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