Book Review – Never Never Part 3 by Collen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

Recovering your past is never never what it first seems

Never Never Part Three Book Review Pic 01 by Casey Carlisle.jpgGenre: Y/A, Paranormal, Romance, Mystery

No. of pages: 92

From Goodreads:

Together, Silas Nash and Charlize Wynwood must look deeper into the past to find out who they were and who they want to be. With time ticking down, the couple are in a race to find the answers they need before they lose everything. Can they regain what they once had? And will it restore who they once were? 

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I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this final instalment of the Never Never series after loving the first two books so much. It had all the mystery, sass and heart of its predecessors, but there was something lacking…

For one, Silas remembers. And though it is a key point in the plot, at first it felt like a cheap storytelling tool. But this argument only stands if you look at ‘Never Never part 3’ as a book – not the third part of one book. Colleen Hoover was contractually restricted from co-authoring with another writer outside of her publishers catalogue, so this method of three small novellas was a work around.

Another aspect was the solving of the amnesia mystery. Although I didn’t hate it, it lacked some punch. We had all this angst and conspiracy theories being thrown about in the first to instalments, so it would have been fantastic to still include some of these elements. Or alternatively, leave something unsolved or open ended, give one of the elements its own subplot.

Many characters and theories (like the voodoo angle) were completely ignored in part 3, which were the things that had grabbed my attention in the first place, so I felt a little ripped off that I was left hanging. (Me loves some paranormal storiesJ)

Ultimately, the conclusion felt “nice.”

Though, I will say I lurved the character development. Especially that of Charlie. We see a different version of her in each book. Every time her memory is taken, that whole nature vs nurture aspect comes into play in forming her personality. There are certain traits that are intrinsic to her character, and the others grow from her experiences. It was captivating to read her reactions each time she woke with a clean slate and how those first events shaped her opinions for the next 48 hours.

If this series ever gets a bind up, it will be a completely different reading experience, and I am planning to re-read these end-to-end again at a later date to see if my opinion differs to the initial read. Great, quick paced novel with a paranormal element I’d recommend to all my friends.

Overall reaction: Where was the rest of it?

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