Smoulder Post April by Casey Carlisle.jpg


What made you start writing the ‘Smoulder’ Series?

Hmmm… Well out of everything I’ve written so far, this is the only title that came about from a conversation with other professionals in the industry. It was born out of what market I could tap into. It sounds like the absolute worst reason to write a book, but it was just where I conceived the idea. The book ‘Smoulder’ and its sequels grew and evolved over a couple of years into a story I’m passionate and very proud of. It is complete indulgence in the paranormal.


I guess from small beginnings, big things grow. What started out to be my intended debut (stand-alone) novel, morphed a fantastic saga, four books and counting J


Riley Taylor is all the things I wish I could’ve been in high school: confident, brave and fearless.

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