Sneezes are scary!

Ben hides from sneezes by Casey Carlisle.JPGI have to admit, my sneezes are not the most delicate in manner. I sound like a tradie who’s whacked his thumb with a hammer. They are loud, violent, and my voice drops into the low register. It’s a shout-sneeze.

Totally unbecoming.

But I generally crack myself up laughing afterwards. I can’t control it. Especially other people’s reactions to this suddenly unexpected display. It’s a great gag in the doctor’s waiting room.

But my huggy-fluffy-cuddle-bunny furbaby does not like them. He’s so placid, and calm. Loves to curl up next to me or on my lap when I’m reading or writing the next chapter of my book, but every time I sneeze he bolts to the other side of the house and hides under a table or his blankie. Then I have to go find him. Apologise, and give him positive reinforcement that everything is okay.

I feel bad for giving him a scare, but I really can’t help it.

No wonder he has a heart condition.

Muttly Mania by Casey Carlisle

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