bookporn Passenger book stack by Casey Carlisle.jpg

Hues of dark water… aiming to make a start on one of these this month.

I might have to result to closing my eyes and pointing because its just to hard to decide.

Do you have a favorite?


5 thoughts on “#bookporn

  1. daniellethamasa says:

    I’m probably going to be reading Passenger next week. My TBR pile is massive, and though I’ve already finished off 13 books so far in the month of May, I have another 13 books coming in the mail so I’ve made no progress at all in reducing that pile. I should go on a book buying ban but there are just so many books I want to get.

    • femaleinferno says:

      I feel your pain… my TBR pile is a small book shelf, but I never let it stress me because on days when I’m sick or holiday time I get excited to sit in front of it and pick out a few favorites! I think I’m just going to have to pick on the spur of the moment as I’m very much a mood reader. Goodluck with your TBR – 13 books is a phenomenal effort!

      • daniellethamasa says:

        I actually have about 250 books on my shelves that I haven’t yet read. Some of them I’m not in the mood for currently. But a lot of it is that I stock up on books when I have extra cash so when I’m broke I don’t run out of reading material. One time I was unemployed for 3 months and I couldn’t buy anything so I started reading from my shelves and managed to finish off 60 books before I found a job.

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