Book Review – ‘Infinityglass’ by Myra McEntire

Expertly woven tale of time travel and abilities, but a little after-school special.

Infinityglass Book Review Pic 01 by Casey CarlisleGenre: Y/A, Science Fiction

No. of pages: 293

From Goodreads:

No time like the present.
No time in the present.
No time left.

From the moment the Hourglass group violated the rules of the space time continuum to rescue a murdered loved one, time has been in flux. People from other centuries slide into our time, intruding into our space, threatening our world.

Frantically seeking a way to turn back this tide, the Hourglass begins a search for the legendary Infinityglass, tracking it to the city of New Orleans, a place where the past rests easily with the present.

Quiet, reliable Dune, the group’s favourite geek, is selected to travel to the Crescent City and somehow retrieve the renowned object.

But there’s a problem.

Because the Infinityglass is not an object, it’s a person.

A beautiful, headstrong dancer named Hallie, a girl so enticing Dune can’t take his eyes off her.

And time is not on her side.

Page border by Casey Carlisle

I was really excited to jump in this conclusion to the Hourglass trilogy, though, I couldn’t rate this one as high as the others – for one thing, the science fiction element was less prominent, as was the action.

It was great to get re-united with the cast from the first two books, even thought it was from a different dual perspective: Hallie and Dune.

In reflection it was a little difficult to separate the voices of Emmerson, Lily and Hallie; as it was with Michael, Kaleb and Dune – they all sounded similar and had that snarky banter. I would have preferred stronger language and cadence in the narration separating them rather than just physical appearance.

Additionally, I was a little over the after-school-special thing that was going on. In the first book it was romantic, in the second it was okay, but by the third, did we really need to have yet more people coupling up? I was a little too sickly sweet for my tastes. Where was the grit and tension that we got in ‘Hourglass?’

But, the characters are adorable. I could eat Hallie up with a spoon. And Dune – it was nice to read about a character from a different culture – though – and I say this from experience, Polynesians have a stronger sense of family and belonging to their culture that Dune seemed to be missing. But it was still such a pleasant surprise.

Infinityglass Book Review Pic 02 by Casey Carlisle

The science fiction of it all (what was there) is still pretty fantastic. I like how abilities are rooted in the mythology of time – and to be frank, I don’t think I could have ever dreamed up anything similar in a million years. McEntire is a genius when it comes to this. I missed the time travel and the complex mathematics and situations required to do so… those elements really added to the tension and pacing, and this story fell flat for me because of their absence.

The ending was cheesy and predictable. I would have loved an explosive conclusion – this fizzled somewhat. But still, I loved the start, and elements of the storyline, so the weight of the first two books carried this conclusion across the line.

Witty and funny dialogue, some action but heavy on the romance. A light read but not the best of the series. Love the timey-wimey of it all. A luke-warm ending to a cool series.

Overall reaction: Fun, but wanted more.

Infinityglass Book Review Pic 03 by Casey Carlisle

Infinityglass Book Review Pic 04 by Casey Carlisle

Critique Casey by Casey Carlisle

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