Book Review – ‘Earth Flight’ by Janet Edwards

Great with the familiar story and world building, not so great with the rest…

Earth Flight Book Review Pic 01 by Casey CarlisleGenre: Y/A, Science fiction

No. of pages: 390

From Goodreads:

It’s time to risk it all!

Jarra never wanted to be a celebrity. All she ever wanted was to gain some respect for the people left on Earth: the unlucky few whose immune system prevents them from portalling to other planets.

Except now she’s the most famous Earth girl in the universe – but not everyone in the universe is happy about it, nor the fact that she has found love with a norm. Jarra’s actions have repercussions that spread further than she ever could have imagined, and political unrest threatens to tear apart the delicate balance of peace between humanity’s worlds.

On top of everything, the first alien artefact ever discovered appears to be waiting for Jarra to reveal its secrets. But to do so, she must somehow find a way to leave Earth – or else the alien artefact will be lost forever. Is there a way for Jarra to travel to another planet? Or is her destiny only to look to the stars – but never to reach them? 

Page border by Casey Carlisle

I was excited to finish off this series after falling in love with Edwards’ future dystopian world and student archaeologist/military officer Jarra. With so many elements that I adored and a cliff-hanger in ‘Earth Star,’ ‘Earth Flight’ had the set up for an epic adventure and explosive end to the franchise. But it failed to meet my expectations. Though fun, I wish it could have been so much more.

Jarra as a character did not really develop much from the end of the first novel, her reactions and characteristics were pretty much the same throughout all three novels. You’d expect the life-threatening events she’d suffered through, Jarra’s personality would have matured and become wiser. I was expecting that maturity to be reflected in the tone of ‘Earth Flight,’ but was disappointed.

Fian (Jarra’s love interest) felt two-dimensional in this novel, maybe it’s because he didn’t have his own story line and was an observer to what was happening with Jarra. This was a sad missed opportunity, especially in the final book for the series.

The humour and narrative style was also starting to feel a little juvenile. Janet Edwards had to explain so much, this book fell into the cringe-worthy category of telling instead of showing. This was a book of happenstance… the events that unfolded did not feel organic, but lead by the hand of the author.

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It’s not all bad – there are some fantastic action scenes that had me dodging and lifting up my feet from the floor. Pacing is great in the last quarter. I guess the points that I found detracted my enjoyment of this book stem from repetition and lengthy exposition. Moments of surprise coincidence and doors opening for Jarra were cute in the first two books, but it happened in spades in ‘Earth Flight’ to the point I actually started rolling my eyes while reading.

The ending is satisfactory, if somewhat spoony – as I mentioned before, too much happenstance.

While I did enjoy this book, and many of the delightful surprises and new scientific elements had me eagerly flipping to the next page, pacing and directive narration held it back from being truly fantastic. A satisfying yet lukewarm finale to the Earth Girl trilogy.

Overall feeling: Somebody dropped the ball…


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Critique Casey by Casey Carlisle

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