Wrap up – The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

Got better and better, masterful platting and pacing.

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I was a little late to the show when it came the Vampire Academy Series, I purchased a box set and spread out the Rose and Dimitri goodness for about a year. I have to admit that it was the film adaptation that inspired me to pick up this collection of books. The tongue-in-cheek witty one liners and kick-ass heroine had me sold instantly.

The film didn’t get that much praise, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the silliness and mythology of the world, though it was easy to see where it failed. There is so much information in every book in this series, that the movie could not include it all in order to help drive the plot forward. I also did not get the chemistry from the couple on screen that I did in the novels.

Richelle Mead is a master of plot. The novels just kept getting better the further I got into the series. My favourite being ‘Blood Promise.’ What starts as a typical smart-mouthed teen, Rose really develops into a selfless warrior.

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I did want a little more from the end of the series though; there were many questions I did not get answers to, but I’m wondering if it will get explored further in the Bloodlines series.

An attractive boxed set that gave me many, many hours of fun entertainment and solidified Rose as one of my favourite heroines. Glad to have it in my library collection.

Vampire Academy Series Titles by Casey Carlisle

Critique Casey by Casey Carlisle

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6 thoughts on “Wrap up – The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

  1. daniellethamasa says:

    Yay for joining the VA family! I adore Bloodlines and I feel it does resolve quite a few of the open plot points from Vampire Academy and expands the world immensely. Plus, as much as I enjoy Romitri, I am way more of a fan of Sydrian because I love both Sydney and Adrian. Definitely check out Bloodlines when you get a chance.

    • femaleinferno says:

      I have all the Bloodlines books here ready to go, even more excited now that I know some of the issued I had with the VA world are answered… looking forward to finding out more about Sydney too 🙂

      • daniellethamasa says:

        Also, in Bloodlines you finally meet Dimitri’s dad. I won’t say any more on that topic but it was pretty awesome. Oh, and I will say that there are still a few plot threads left open at the end of the Bloodlines series too so there could be more books at some point in the future.

  2. matxi_books says:

    The same happened to me, I picked up the box set once I’ve watched the movie! The movie was too cheesy but I found in rose another kind of role model and I wanted to know more… So I devoured the whole series and simply loved it!! It’s one of my favorites ever!!!

      • matxi_books says:

        Yes, she makes a couple of cameos I think… And I like Adrian and everything, I really do, but I am just too much of a Rose&Dimitri person… I wasn’t planning on picking them up any time soon…

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