Wrap up – Hourglass Series by Myra McEntire

Started off with a pow… and ended in a fizzle.

Hourglass Series Wrap up by Casey Carlisle.jpg

I picked up ‘Hourglass’ from a recommendation through a YouTuber I subscribe to – don’t ask me which one, because it’s been over two years since I started this series. Why so long to complete a trilogy? It took me a while to track down the rest of the books in Australia without paying a ridiculous amount for them.

Anyway, the debut was riveting. I loved the time travel/science fiction and the witty dialogue. Emmerson was a great protagonist – beautifully damaged with something to prove, desperately trying to navigate this strange new world without tipping her hand to her family and being locked up in a psychiatric ward again. I really couldn’t get enough!

So when I had finally tracked down the remaining books, I jumped into them with high hopes… which were a little dashed. Now I did enjoy the rest of the series, but all the elements I’d come to love in ‘Hourglass’ appeared less and less in the remaining two installments. And to make matters worse, Emmerson was no longer the protagonist – each book takes the P.O.V. of a different character.

With each novel we moved from science fiction to romance, and it was difficult to discern each of the characters if you weren’t told who was speaking because they were all so alike.

I think there was a great potential in this series, the action scenes are great in all three books – but the expert storytelling goes downhill from the start.

I’d recommend it to anyone who loves YA paranormal romances with a science fiction twist and doesn’t mind ‘head-hopping.’

Hourglass Series Wrap up 02 by Casey Carlisle

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Critique Casey by Casey Carlisle

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