Wrap up – Earth Girl Series by Janet Edwards

Fantastic world building.

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I happened across this series from a recommendation on Amazon.com, and after discovering it was a science fiction story set in a dystopian world involving archaeology, a kick-ass teen heroine, portalling across the universe, and the possibility of alien contact – I was sold!

This trilogy started on a promising tone. I had some issues with serendipity – you could feel the Godly hand of the author shaping the direction of the story all too frequently. It’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, but at times, the protagonist Jarra had it too easy. Having things fall in her lap felt like lazy storytelling. But that was the biggest issue I had with this series. One other small issue it that suffered is that I did not feel like Jarra herself went through any considerable personal growth after some of the events she survived. There is some growth, which was handled really well, but towards the end she was starting to feel boring and I did not have as much invested in her.

As for the rest: I adored the aspects of technology blended into archaeological dig sites, the use of portals as an everyday transport system. The politics between worlds. I could list on and on. Edwards has created a phenomenal futuristic planet under threat from solar storms and trying to find answers in the past.

If you can overlook a little repetition in slang with the dialogue, and a certain amount of happenstance, you will love this collection. I certainly did. Additional news from Janet Edwards on her plans to write several more books in this universe has me excited. They will be set in different places on the timeline, so with new characters, I’m hoping the issues I’ve had with the Earth Girl trilogy will be improved upon.

The debut is definitely the best of the series, with a slight downward slope – in my opinion – in quality and engagement. But on the whole, pretty awesome.

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 Critique Casey by Casey Carlisle

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