Finding time to read.

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Sometimes I want to carry a cattle prod so I can jab people who continually interrupt my reading time.

Time is a precious commodity for me. I plan out my day, so I can devote enough time to achieve my #writinggaols and whittle away at my TBR pile… and it usually works quite well.

I am a bit of an overachiever, so very rarely are my lists completed – but I like to reach for the stars and get as much as I can done. Another trait which isn’t all that attractive is my impatience at constant attention seeking moments from my flatmate. Random conversations started halfway through directed at me, expecting that I psychically know what the heck he is talking about. And he won’t go away until acknowledged.

It all sounds a little juvenile I know. So when I’m in the grips of the best part in a novel, or the creative flow is pouring through me as I write on my current project, out comes some random drivel… And he knows he does it…

We’ve been friends for nearly 20 years and have accepted each other’s faults, but gosh darn it, if I don’t want to stab him through the head with a stiletto at times.

Luckily, we have developed a code – one that will keep his cranium intact and our friendship in happyland: if I’m wearing headphones. It’s like a flashing neon sign saying ‘do not disturb’ and ‘enter at your own risk.’ Because if I am interrupted after going to the point of observing the code – he deserves all of my unmitigated wrath.

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Typically I spend about an hour at bed time reading. It’s quiet, comfortable and helps me relax. But times when I want to indulge during daylight hours (usually on the weekend) that’s when we need to invoke the code.

I love escaping into a world of books, and after spending most of the day in the human world, when this girl dons headphones you know she is serious, and you’ve had your fill of her attention.

Love you – but busy reading!

Finding time to read Pic 03 by Casey Carlisle

Do you make time to read? What do you do to ensure you get to read that novel you’ve always wanted to? (Apart from going on holiday…)

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10 thoughts on “Finding time to read.

  1. WhimsyPages says:

    It has been hard to find time to read lately. But I try to devote some time after work to just sit at the terrace and read until it gets too dark. Only few hours a day but at least I relax after a busy day.

    • femaleinferno says:

      My best relaxation technique is reading… who needs meditation :p Maybe I should start up a spiritual retreat and call myself The Book Shaman. Thanks for commenting – looking forward to seeing your next book review (in English language). Happy reading.

  2. Sometimes Optimist says:

    I’ve been so busy with my move and finishing class that I haven’t had as much time to indulge. I was able to knock out 4 to 5 books a month, now I struggle to finish 1 book in a month. 😦 But when I do get a few moments to read, it’s typically in our sitting room. Currently, the sitting room is sandwiched between the living room and the kitchen so I hear everything. But at our new place, I’ll have a whole room with a door to seclude myself in for reading. Can’t wait!!! 😀

    • femaleinferno says:

      Ahh yes – a private secluded spot to read. I can’t wait to hove one too. I’m getting to a point where I’m tempted to build a tree house to get away… only there are so many damn bugs up here I’d be a ready meal in seconds!

  3. daniellethamasa says:

    Most of the time when I’m reading I’m in my bedroom, so there’s very little chance of being disturbed. If I’m reading in a public space I just have to mentally prepare myself for the possibility of multiple interruptions. Thankfully the friends that know me well enough know that when I’m reading I’m busy, so they don’t speak to me unless it’s rather important.

    • femaleinferno says:

      Ha ha ha. Pity the fool to approach you in public when you’ve got your head in a book. Sometimes when I was on a tram to work people would try to engage me and I’d have to give them the stink eye. I wish it was socially acceptable to growl at them like a dog in warning… that could be a fun social experiment :p

      • daniellethamasa says:

        Exception to public interruption of reading time…if you start talking to me about books then I’m a lot less likely to get upset. I love talking about books with other bookworms.

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