Wrap up – Rebel Belle Trilogy by Rachel Hawkins

Average adventures with plenty of promise.

Rebel Belle Series Wrap Up Pic 01 by Casey Carlisle.jpg

This was a cute little trilogy – reminiscent of Buffy and the Scooby Gang. Prez brings the popular girl turned guardian (Paladin) battling magical foes with witty one-liners and awesome fighting scenes to the forefront.

The premise is certainly compelling and I had high hopes for this series, though it under delivered on my expectations, but is still very entertaining. The mythology of Paladins and Oracles is something I haven’t read a lot about and added a unique twist to the story.

Though this series is very predictable and better suited to the younger end of the YA market – it lacked the punch I was hoping for and doesn’t possess great complexity. It is a fun after-school special type of story.

The middle book was flat, failing to up the anty, and could have been edited down to half its length and paced as a much better book – in fact I’d love to see the series heavily edited, a curve ball or two thrown in and bound into one book. It would go from pretty good to mind-blowingly awesome.

We get a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy, though the last book is a darker tone than its predecessors. I’d still recommend it to my friends, they are short, fast reads so you don’t need to invest a lot of time, and the Rebel Belle trilogy is really a pleasant way to spend a lazy afternoon.

You get character growth, a cool mystical system, teen banter and some southern charm. With some of the failings I felt this collections suffered it also has a lot going for it.

Rebel Belle Series Wrap Up Pic 02 by Casey Carlisle

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2 thoughts on “Wrap up – Rebel Belle Trilogy by Rachel Hawkins

    • femaleinferno says:

      I’d liken the series to middle grade books. The plot isn’t that complicated, the pacing is a little slower but there is plenty of witty banter and funny goings on. Still a fun read filled with girliness. Worth a look.

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