I think I have a problem

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I’m getting to the point where there is so much going on in life, I’m starting to feel resentful that I don’t have enough time to read and write.

Thoughts like ‘I could finish writing a chapter in the time it takes me to do the grocery shopping’ or ‘I’d rather be reading a novel’ weigh against my day’s activities. It’s very anti-social and I find myself measuring units of time in word count, or pitting my chores (as they now feel like chores) against my favourite pastime.

Do I really need food? I could go a few more days on the measly scraps in the pantry…

Why are my friends having so many birthday parties!

Do I have to head out for just one thing? I’ll save all my running around for one trip. Time management will give me more sacred moments with my book. Mwha ha ha.

I Think I Have A Problem Pic 02 by Casey Carlisle.jpg

Which gives me more satisfaction – catching up on all the gossip over coffee with my friend, or getting another 3,000 words down?


And if I do go out, that means showering, finding some nice clothes, doing my hair and make-up, driving around for ages!


Ugh! I could be writing… I think I have a problem.


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3 thoughts on “I think I have a problem

  1. Diana says:

    I can relate to this although in my case its reading.I’ve just spent a whole weekend indoors reading instead of hanging out.All the best with finding a balance though.Great post!

    • femaleinferno says:

      Ha ha – promise me you’ll call someone when I start to post weird things and talk about conversations with my dogs – then it will me a reclusive lifestyle reading and writing has taken an unfortunate turn 😉

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