Thanks Life. Thanks Writing.

city-vs-country-pic-01-by-casey-carlisleKnow thy neighbour…

I’ve mentioned many times in my posts about my move to the country to pursue writing… but today it dawned on me – literally a ray of sun broke through the dappled clouds as I sat on the balcony with dinner (and a glass of champagne) staring at the coastline, feeling relaxed… I know all of my neighbours. We talk often. I even know the staff at the local stores I shop at regularly. And I can’t say that for the city I lived in for seven years prior to moving here.

What is it about crowds that allow us to disappear?

I even have long friendly chats with our Postie – she’s a lovely woman with a daughter just about to graduate high school and we joke over all manner of life’s predicaments.

When I stare out the window I always get some small surprise. Local wildlife putting on a show. Last week it was millions of white butterflies, this week all the rose bushes are starting to blossom in hues of ivory and pink.

I’ve always said I’m a city girl at heart, and I stick by it. I miss the shopping, outings to catch up with friends, choices for dining out… and wearing nice clothes – and heels! Okay now my girlie girl is starting to show. But living in the country has afforded me to follow my writing seriously, though, it hasn’t come without some sacrifice.

Writing is such a solitary endeavour. Sometimes when I look up from the computer monitor a whole week has gone by and I haven’t stepped outside the house. When inspiration takes over and your furiously typing time has a way or sneaking by.

So, in the theme of thanksgiving – even though it’s not something we celebrate in Australia – I’m thankful for the place I live in, and where I’m at in my life right now. No complications. Free to follow the grammatical muse. I appreciate my surroundings and acknowledge the inspiration it brings. And I LOVE that I get to do something fulfilling every day. Write.

It’s by no means altruistic or world changing, but it fills me up and pays me back tenfold.





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4 thoughts on “Thanks Life. Thanks Writing.

  1. matxi_books says:

    I understand and get what you are going with, I live in a city, small but a city nonetheless and I love it, it’s confortable to have everything around you, everything you could possibly need. But the countryside has its pros too, tranquility, peace and a lot of free time to clear your mind on work… I consider myself an 60% city 40% country kind of girl.

  2. Eternal Gypsy says:

    One of my passions is exploring new places. So mostly it’s sacrificing (or as I like to say, reallocating) a little money here and there. However, I’ve become really good at doing stuff on a budget. My surroundings absolutely inspire my passion. I’m always hearing about or seeing advertisements for places to check out. And I’m incredibly thankful that I have a job and husband flexible enough to work around my wandering habit. 😉

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