Editor’s remorse… it’s a thing right?

Editors Remorse Pic 01 by Casey Carlisle.jpg

I have so many articles and posts sitting on my desktop ready to go, but I think I’m having a bout of editor’s remorse. Every time I re-read a document to decide if it is publish-ready, something is holding me back from giving it the tick of approval. Heavens to Betsy – am I boring myself with my own writing?

There is an instinctual feeling I get when I read through a piece of work that says ‘done.’ Though lately it has not been happening as much as I’d like. Sometimes my sense of humour is not translating, sometimes the subject matter feels a little stagnant, and others, well… I’ve seen so many articles posted about the same thing I don’t want to feel like I’m regurgitating identical stuff that is already out there.

My novel writing hasn’t suffered – that is still going strong. And I am still loving taking my shelfies and working with PhotoShop. So, maybe it’s time to come up with a new concept, or a new take on things?

I’m not bothered too much about posting to a schedule, because I’d rather publish things I’m passionate about and happy with. Maybe editor’s remorse is a real mental condition… hmmm, doctor says take three shots of your favourite top-shelf alcohol, dance to some music with your dog in the front yard, and repeat until the blockage is gone. Sounds like a fun remedy to me. But I don’t want the hangover, or my neighbours thinking I’m any crazier than I already am.

So I keep writing new articles until I feel one is worthy to publish, and keep staring at the others trying to work out what it is that has me hesitant to press ‘print.’ If they sit there long enough, I’ll get fed up and simply delete them. Problem solved!

How many of you out there have the same issues as me upon re-reading your work? I pray I’m not the only one.


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4 thoughts on “Editor’s remorse… it’s a thing right?

  1. Of Books and Wishes says:

    It’s not just you:) I look back at work and sometimes want to hide in a hole at the cringy-ness, and otherwise, I think it’s okay

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