Book Review – ‘Nolan’ (Leech # 3) by James Crawford

Marvelous addition to the Leech Universe – left me wanting more.

Nolan Book Review Pic 01 by Casey CarlisleGenre: Y/A, Science Fiction, GLBT

No. of pages: 227

From Goodreads:

Every High school has its rock star. Maybe it’s the quarterback, head cheerleader, or the valedictorian–the one student who outshines the rest. The one everyone knows will be successful in the years to come. For Nolan that was a lifetime ago, before he lost his sight, before he even knew what a Leech was. 

Now all Nolan wants is seeing Caleo survives to fulfill his destiny. A task that has become increasingly difficult as the government wades into the war, and the number of people trying to kill them skyrockets.


What an explosive, fantastic ending to the Leech trilogy!

James Crawford has been fearless when writing this trilogy, not fading away from carnage and devastation, and his writing has gotten better with each installment. This book was prolific in the grandiose battle and wrapped up the trilogy expertly. This guy really knows how to write a climactic ending.

I did get a little disappointed with having precedence set up with ‘Caleo’ and ‘Jack’ being  each from their perspectives respectively, to ‘Nolan’ told in multiple perspective. And I didn’t get to live inside Nolan’s head for as long as I wanted to. We got snippets of his backstory, but did not get to dwell in the present, fathom out motivations and feelings with him as we did the other main characters in the preludes. So I felt a little cheated.

The actions scenes are still amazing and there was a great mix with the plot line this time. It was a bit like ‘whatever could go wrong did.’ It made this a dynamic entertaining read.

Nolan Book Review Pic 04 by Casey Carlisle.pngWe get to see a lot of development of Jack’s character, his feelings and motivations are really put to the test and I found myself liking him even more than I did from the first two installments. Still bummed that I didn’t get more Nolan though.

Caleo brought his balls-to-the-wall attitude, and threw himself out there to stand up for his principles and family. IT was great to see him overcome fears and embrace his destiny.

The ending was predictable, and I couldn’t see it happening any other way; although it happened in the most delightfully unpredictable manner, which added to the deliciousness of this trilogy.

There were a few strings not tied up – the translation of “the book,” and more information on the creation, mythology and intention of Leeches. But I guess it leaves it open ended enough for more books to be written in this universe. And James Crawford has even offered to publish a book from another author if they are willing to take up the challenge. (see his website for details)

I did get more of the feels from the first two novels – there was something about the writing style in the conclusion that didn’t have me reaching for the tissues… which disturbed me more than what went down. It has been a pleasure to read about characters who have super powers, or X-men like abilities who identify as gay, but not have either aspect dominate their lives/storyline. It helps to provide diversity and support for those readers struggling with their own issues. While not the best written trilogy, it has a place in my heart and a set of books I’d happily recommend.

Overall feeling: super cool super powers!

Nolan Book Review Pic 02 by Casey Carliske

Nolan Book Review Pic 05 by Casey Carlisle


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