How do you read so many books?

A question I get asked a lot, but in truth, I could be reading much more.

How do you read so many books Pic 01 by Casey Carlisle.jpg

I had a little think about the secret to roaring through that TBR pile… and here’s the answer:

How do you read so many books Pic 02 by Casey CarlisleThe simplest answer is mood reading. I only ever pick up books that I get excited about after reading the blurb, that I am keen to crack the cover and start to discover the world within. If after a short way in, my attention wains, I put it back on the shelf for another time.

How do you read so many books Pic 03 by Casey CarlisleAnother aspect is that I read about an hour every day. It’s a part of my routine. At the end of the day, curled up in bed, reading for a while helps calm my mind so I can relax into sleep. I used to suffer insomnia terribly, but reading has helped immensely. Sometimes it can work against me, especially if the novel is enthralling… but that only adds to the excitement. Like I’m being naughty staying up late to read a book. Crap – I’m such a nerd.

Long row of colorful library books isolated on white backgroundI vary the genre as well. A diet of only romance or YA will eventually lead to becoming bored. You’ve read it all before… So I mix it up as much as I can. Heck I’ve even read a textbook.


Reading Kindle on a trainWhen I lived in the city, I was always that girl on the train or tram with her head in a book – that’s an extra hour or more a day to indulge in my favourite past time. At the airport, at the dentist or doctors waiting room, I don’t miss an opportunity when some downtime presents itself… without being antisocial.

How do you read so many books Pic 06 by Casey CarlisleThere is always a book in my handbag. And if by some random momentary lapse I forget to slip it in as I leave the house, there are many titles to choose from on my phone e-reader.

I’m not lying about all day, every day with my nose between the pages. I have a life to live too. Whenever someone comments at the volume of novels I get through, they seriously think I’m a lady of leisure, sipping tea on the couch reading romance novels… gag me that’s infuriating. I can’t believe there is still a stigma that reading equals lazy, and no life goals. We read to learn, to escape, to be entertained.

What are your best reading habits?


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12 thoughts on “How do you read so many books?

  1. Kawther says:

    I think reading based on the mood is the best advice, I try to know my mood and pick the book that fits , that way I finish it faster and enjoy it more
    So if I’m craving a bad blood thriller and mystery it would be wrong to force myself reading a romantic contemporary

    • femaleinferno says:

      Got to keep things interesting 🙂 I also try to go into a book knowing as little as I possible about the plot. If a novel has been unusually hyped,I usually leave it sitting on my shelf for a while before picking it up. I love surprises in my reading…. maybe I should start hiding money in my books so that I get an even bigger surprise – and more incentive to read!

      • Kawther says:

        I try to do the same as well, if the book is hyped I don’t read the synopsis which my friends think Is weird . it replaced the ruined surprise element for me a little bit (weird I know)

  2. Joanne says:

    I have a habit of reading before I sleep too. Sometimes, reading books before sleeping helps me to sleep better at night but there were times where I was so engrossed in reading a book that I stayed up way over midnight. I always read on the train too. It helps to pass time by doing something I like. 🙂 Though I prefer to read ebooks on the train as compared to a physical copy since trains can get really crowded during peak hours and I often find it hard to open a physical book when it happens. 😦

    • femaleinferno says:

      e-books are always great while travelling – I used a paperback while on the tram though. I’ve seen too many phones or e-devices get pinched out of the readers hands.
      When reading at bed time I’ve sometimes scared myself silly, especially if I happen to be in the middle of a Dean Koontz or Stephen King novel. Then every noise is something sinister and I end up (eventually) falling asleep with a knife by the bed. *scared puppy*

      • Joanne says:

        o_o I’ve never seen phones or e-readers getting pinched out of people hands in my country. That has happened to me too. XD Though I usually just squeeze my eye shut and go to sleep.

  3. deborahkehoe says:

    I have the same habit of reading at the end of the day for an hour or so. Also, if I can get a chance to relax for an hour for lunch, as usually pick up a book then too. Really, it’s not hard to get through a few books in a week just doing those two things. I am a quick reader on top of that too. People are always amazed. ☺️

    • femaleinferno says:

      many of my friends don’t even read recreationally – it’s always fun to see their eyes bug out when they see my shelves. They just don’t understand that reading is actually fun! Maybe I should give them a novel for Christmas – just to rub it in, because I’m evil lie that. *grins maniacally* Mwha ha ha!

  4. Bionic Book Worm says:

    I too am a mood reader who likes to switch up my genres so that I don’t get bored. I HAVE to read before bed. It’s basically the only thing that calms me down and makes my brain focus on something else aside from my worries. But like you said, that sometimes backfires and when I look at the clock and see it’s 2am…… I realize reading didn’t help at all that night lol

    • femaleinferno says:

      Weird thing though – If I’m staying up late to read – I don’t like finishing a novel late – I’ll try and leave it til morning. Because then that feeling of accomplishment stays with me all day (and the knowledge fresh for drafting a review.) It might be torture leaving those last few pages unread – but it also makes me want to go to sleep quicker, and I practically jump out of bed the next morning eager to find out the ending… mental bribery at its finest!

      • Bionic Book Worm says:

        Lol! I can understand that! I wish I could leave the last few pages. If I get within 50 pages of the end of a book I HAVE to finish it. I can’t sleep at all if I know I’m so close. It’s a curse!

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