Book Review – ‘November 9’ by Collen Hoover

Trashy tropes and shenanigans.

November 9 Book Review Pic 01 by Casey CarlisleGenre: N/A, Contemporary, Romance

No. of pages: 310

From Goodreads:

Fallon meets Ben, an aspiring novelist, the day before her scheduled cross-country move. Their untimely attraction leads them to spend Fallon’s last day in L.A. together, and her eventful life becomes the creative inspiration Ben has always sought for his novel. Over time and amidst the various relationships and tribulations of their own separate lives, they continue to meet on the same date every year. Until one day Fallon becomes unsure if Ben has been telling her the truth or fabricating a perfect reality for the sake of the ultimate plot twist.


I loved reading this book. The Drama! I was hooked from the first line.

I think this book is great in illustrating that we are all fallible. Everyone makes assumptions, mistakes, and it is how we recover from these that defines our character.

All the characters are great: fully realised, they jump from the page, warts and all! You get clear character development from the cast too, so by the end you feel like you’ve gone through a journey, and it has changed you.

I really liked our protagonist, Fallon – her insecurities can translate to any girl with aspects of her body that she does not like. It was also great to see her get over her wallowing and deciding to make something of her career. That get-up-and-go attitude really resonated with me, and I instantly became invested in her story. That and the hilarious and sassy conversation with her father at the start of the book had me hooked.

As for the worst: I found Fallon’s love interest Ben to be a little long-winded, a little whiny, and a little over-expository. But I loved his character. I think the failings I had with his personality is another reason I deducted half a mark… Though he is tenacious, altruistic, and incredibly romantic. After finishing ‘November 9’ I decided his good traits outweighed the bad.

November 9’ is an easy read with some great wit. I did get a little annoyed and the small amount of swearing – and Ben calling Fallon ‘babe’ – but that is just a pet hate of mine and I didn’t let is sway my rating. Colleen Hoover weaves angst and tension in there as seamlessly as she always does, and one of the elements in her writing style that always has me coming back for more.

I would have rated this higher if something about the story didn’t creep me out a little. But that’s all personal. And I won’t discuss it here because I don’t want to spoil your reading experience with giving away the best part of the plot.

The discussion of ‘insta-love’ and other bookish elements was a great touch, using them as an underlying theme had me cheering. The pacing is well done too, even though it takes place over many years, you don’t get bogged down with too many irrelevant aspects not important to the main storyline.

I will say I did not see, or remotely guess the plot twist. I revelled in the drama. For me the ending was sweet, if a bit meh… but that is my personal taste given the situation, not the writing, how everything was brought to culmination. Again all of the issues I had with ‘November 9’ stem from my own reactions to the situations faced by Fallon. Another great title from CoHo herself and something I’d recommend to all faithful fans and lovers of contemporary romance.

Overall reaction: Messy people make for a great read.

November 9 Book Review Pic 02 by Casey Carlisle

November 9 Book Review Pic 03 by Casey Carlisle


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#bookporn Film Adaptations Reads 2017 by Casey Carlisle.jpg

A collection of must read film adaptations… only because I’m dying to see the movies, but am stubborn enough to wait until I’ve read the book… which only worked for half of these. Doh!

What’s your favorite book to film adaptation?


#bookporn Dustlands by Casey Carlisle.jpg

I can’t wait to crack the spines on this collection. Since finishing off some of the series I’ve had sitting on my shelves for years, I’m rewarding myself with something new… and action science fiction trilogy set on Mars. Count me in!!

Book Review – ‘Through the Ever Night’ (#2 Under the Never Sky) by Veronica Rossi

Adventure, Aether and All-out-love…

Through the Ever Night Book Review Pic 01 by Casey Carlisle.jpgGenre: Y/A, Science Fiction, Dystopia

No. of pages: 341

From Goodreads:

It’s been months since Aria last saw Perry. Months since Perry was named Blood Lord of the Tides, and Aria was charged with an impossible mission. Now, finally, they are about to be reunited. But their reunion is far from perfect. The Tides don’t take kindly to Aria, a former Dweller. And with the worsening Aether storms threatening the tribe’s precarious existence, Aria begins to fear that leaving Perry behind might be the only way to save them both.

Threatened by false friends and powerful temptations, Aria and Perry wonder, can their love survive through the ever night? 


18 months ago I picked up ‘Under the Never Sky’ after some tribulation, and it fell into the dystopian genre with ease. There were elements in this story that I had read many times before. But I did enjoy the story and the premise it set up. We got a great villain, an interesting mythology with the Ever Blue, and a clash of cultures. Not to mention the technology and some people developing enhanced senses. Because I’d only given it an average rating, and wasn’t sure I wanted to continue with the trilogy it took some time before I finally picked up ‘Through he Ever Night.’

While we don’t get answers to the questions posed in the first book in this series, we get a whole stack of new problems for our protagonists Aria and Perry. Told in dual perspective ‘Through the Ever Night’ mainly deals with them adjusting to tribal life now that they have escaped influence of the Dome, and are out to track down the fable of the Ever Blue under the Aether storms that wrack the planet increasing with frequency and ferocity threatening their lives.

I think I enjoyed this more than the debut. There was more adventure, more at stake, and plenty of twists and turns. Plus the description and encounters with the Aether storms really felt threatening this time. I could see it all play out in my mind.

Through the Ever Night Book Review Pic 02 by Casey CarlisleI’m still on the fence about the dual perspective – but it worked because of the separate storylines of both Aria and Perry (Peregrine.) It’s when they are together that the alternating narrative feels redundant.

Perry was really tested, screwed up, but grew and become a leader. I wasn’t all that sold on him in ‘Under the Never Sky’ ‘but I’ve grown a new found affection for him now.

Aria turned her stubborn streak into determination. Though hers is more a survival story. I can see her being shaped into a leader as well. Especially with her dealing with Dweller discrimination. She was no longer relying on Perry for survival, but carving her own path.

Roar, a member of their tribe, had to be my favourite though. Like a gentle giant at times, and a ferocious warrior the next. This was really his time to shine – I’m curious to see what the future brings him. The interactions between him and Aria are endearing.

I was a bit disappointed to see that the mechanics of the plot that were introduced in the first novel were ignored for the most part, and this novel brought about a subplot all of itself. Having said that, it has set this series up for an explosive climax and I’m actually excited to see what will happen.

There are lots of chapters ending on small cliff-hangers, and the pacing is pretty good. There were moments when my attention waned, but on the whole the flow is engaging and I love how this book concluded. Being the second book in a trilogy, I was delighted it performed so strongly.

I love the hardback covers, muted tones in the background hinting at a storm and weird nature growth with a hot guy on the cover – though to be honest, I imagined Perry looking more tribal and jungle than the pictured guy that looked like a 1990’s band throw-back in casual clothes and a leather wrist band. The inner cover is just plain black with coloured foiled lettering to match the hues of the dust jacket and the font of the book is large, making you feel like you are flying through the story quickly.

I’m definitely chuffed to read the finale, and at the time that this review is being posted, I’m already starting to jump into ‘Into the Still Blue.’

Overall reaction: You’ve got my attention… continue.

Through the Ever Night Book Review Pic 03 by Casey Carlisle

Through the Ever Night Book Review Pic 04 by Casey Carlisle.jpg


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