Wrap up – The Leech Trilogy by James Crawford

A fun X-men type trilogy with a gay protagonist that I thoroughly enjoyed.
Leech Trilogy Wrap Up Pic 01 by Casey Carlisle.jpg

James Crawford has been fearless when writing this trilogy, not fading away from carnage and devastation, and his writing has gotten better with each installment. With the final book prolific in the grandiose battle and wrapped up the trilogy expertly. This guy really knows how to write a climactic ending.

I did get a little disappointed with having precedence set up with ‘Caleo’ and ‘Jack’ being each from their perspectives respectively, to ‘Nolan’ told in multiple perspective. And I didn’t get to live inside Nolan’s head for as long as I wanted to. We got snippets of his backstory, but did not get to dwell in the present, fathom out motivations and feelings with him as we did the other main characters in the preludes. So I felt a little cheated. Plus he was my favorite character, so I was shipping him all the way.

The character development is subtle as each of the protagonists grow up facing their changed world and the looming threats – not to mention their sexuality and fears of love ans acceptance. There are a lot of tropes in this trilogy, but it falls into the guilty pleasure category for me. I found myself swooning in the romance, coming out stories, and elemental powers. So my enjoyment for this collection is based on entertainment value. It certainly fired up my imagination and left me to escape into a world reminiscent of X-Men characters.

I admit having some issues with the writing style and plot in each of the books, but if marathoned you’ll get a much better experience. There were also a few strings not tied up – the translation of “the book,” and more information on the creation, mythology and intention of Leeches. But I guess it leaves it open ended enough for more books to be written in this universe. And James Crawford has even offered to publish a book from another author if they are willing to take up the challenge. (see his website for details.)

It warms my heart to see diversity starting to become mainstream in the publishing universe. It offers up a greater opportunity for escapism, and education of the challenges other people face. Be it fictional or not, there is generally some adversity for the main characters to overcome which we can pull strength and real life lessons from. The Leech trilogy was no exception. It tackles bullying, ethnic cleansing, and being a refugee as undertones of the ‘being different trope.’

So while no literary masterpiece, its magnificent escapism to indulge in if your into superheroes and origin stories with a gay twist. A fun addition to my library.

Leech Trilogy Wrap Up Pic 02 by Casey Carlisle

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