Wrap up – The Matched Trilogy by Allie Condie

A dystopian adventure that left me a little disturbed.

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Such an amazing concept – the Matched trilogy has hues of ‘The Giver’ and ‘Divergent’ but did not deliver as well as those did. Sad to say, but this series has got to be the lowest rated I’ve read to date. Maybe it’s because it was released at the start of the dystopian craze and marketed towards a tween demographic, leaving me feeling like I’d read it all before and the immature narrative tone felt boring.

I didn’t know what to expect going into the series because of such mixed ratings on Goodreads and from my friends, so I took it on faith of Ally Condie’s popularity as an author.

I guess the best way I can sum this series up is ‘soft,’ having all the elements to make a great dystopian, but not quite hammering them home for me. The pacing felt slow to start with, though the descriptions of the landscape are inspiring, the story lagged. The poetry elements were also lost on me – I skipped over every one of them.

Each book seemed to be an improvement on the last; especially in terms of character development and pacing. Though I can say I was never sure where this story was going to go. Not because of predictability, but because of its narrative style. The changing perspectives and what felt like a lack of direction left my interest waning several times. The world-building felt over simplified and at times waffly. There felt like a compulsion from the author to pair all the characters up too. It was too nice for a dystopian series. I wanted more grit, higher stakes for the characters and the world.

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I supposed ‘stylized’ is the best way to describe the treatment of this trilogy. While it was entertaining, the characters took a while for me to care about, I was frequently bored or frustrated. And ultimately, upon finishing the series, I did not feel satisfied. Book 1 ‘Matched’ dealt with escape; Book 2 ‘Crossed’ with a battle for survival in the wilderness; and ‘Reached’ turned out to be a rebellion… fought in a Lab. It wasn’t cohesive and felt like an author’s first draft.

The elements of medical science and technology were really interesting and I would have liked them more in the forefront of the plot (with details – many times the details were skipped over or dumbed down.) As too with the survival aspects – fighting in a war and trekking across inhospitable landscapes. I love these aspects, but wasn’t lead to feel like they were desperate and on the brink of death – which they were.

I did like the covers, the simplicity and symbolism. They definitely drew me in. The collection as a whole blended well together aesthetically. Large readable font in the hardback boxed set that I purchased. The cover art definitely lead me to believe there would be a heavier sci-fi element than was represented.

So a great premise, but lukewarm delivery for me. Sadly the trilogy took a slow downward slope to disappointment. Not a collection of books I’d recommend. 😦

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4 thoughts on “Wrap up – The Matched Trilogy by Allie Condie

  1. Shannon @ mediashadowreads says:

    You know what… I read the first and second books in this series so quickly… and frankly I adored them (I was a bit younger at the time and therefore if I read them now it might be different…) but the third… my god… it just went mad… like… the whole infection/plague/science-y bit just seemed to come out of know where… time lapses here there and everywhere and characters left, right and center too… I had to DNF it half way through because it just lost the vibe it had with the first and second book… frankly… it could have been a completely different book in a completely different series… that’s how different it felt and it was…

    But I’m glad we share some of the same thoughts on this series anyway, always nice when you know you’re not alone in thinking it missed the mark!

  2. Bookmark Chronicles says:

    I completely agree with you! The concept of this series is fantastic but it just didn’t live up to expectations. I hate love triangles and I was even excited to see how this one played out because it actually was necessary for the plot. I found that I was just bored during a lot of it unfortunately :/

  3. daniellethamasa says:

    I read and enjoyed Matched but only made it a few chapters into Crossed before setting it aside and never returning to it. By this point I’ve given up on the idea that I’ll finish the trilogy.

  4. Welcome to Realiti says:

    I have to agree with you unfortunately 😦 It’s definitely one of the series I was not satisfied with, which is unfortunate since they had sooooo much potential from the first book! The second one felt like a filler to me, I had to force myself to read it. it could have been just an extension of the first or the beginning of the third (or both). The third one was just OK, as I felt there were a lot of fillers.
    At least the covers really brighten up my bookshelf. It was a good read though, but not the best I have ever read. I would recommend it, but with a disclaimer that you might be let down as the story progresses.

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