It’s been a minute since I’ve indulged in some sappy YA contemporary romance. Kasie West is always a good read, though some of her titles recently haven’t been as well rated by me… lets see how these two latest releases stack up. Time for a icy homemade lemonade, a banana lounge in the sun, and cuddle from my furbaby

5 thoughts on “#bookporn

  1. amberry books says:

    I’ve never read any Kasie West; I was always more of a Sarah Dessen girl, but I eventually grew bored of the same tone in her books. Which Kasie West book would you recommend to someone reading her for the first time?

    • femaleinferno says:

      My favorite novel to date is ‘The Fill-in Boyfriend’ but it may change after I read the two pictured above. I’ve yet to venture into many Sarah Dessen titles, so I am uncertain how their writing styles compare. But that’s my recommendation at the moment – hope it helps 😀 Thanks for messaging me – it’s given me a nudge to check out Sarah Dessen… what would you recommend I read first?

      • amberry books says:

        Thanks! I’ll add that to my contemporary shelf on goodreads! Its been a hot-minute since I’ve read any Sarah Dessen, but I remember really liking ‘Just Listen’, ‘Keeping The Moon’, and ‘Someone Like You’. I’ve read a TON of her books; I had a phase. I think the first one I read was ‘Just Listen’ so maybe that’s a good place to start? 🙂

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