One of my latest purchases – I seem to be getting into contemporaries set at Con’s. Plus the cover art for ‘Hot Dog Girl’ really stood out to me.

What is your favourite trend/trope in contemporaries at the moment? I’m leaning towards the fake boyfriend/girlfriend trope…

2 thoughts on “#bookporn

  1. Eternal Gypsy says:

    I just came out of a contemporary fiction binge and now I’m back to my primary diet of fantasy and paranormal books.

    But I’ve been into who-dun-it mysteries like ‘One of Us is Lying’ and self discovery books like ‘An American Marriage’.

    • femaleinferno says:

      I have ‘One Of Us Is Lying’ on my nightstand to read in the next few weeks (along with a handful of other books)… this holiday season is wrapping up to be a great reading holiday 😀

      I had a great run with sci-fi before hitting two not-so-great titles before switching to contemporary… can’t seem to get into fantasy for more than a few books it seems. hmmm maybe I’m picking the wrong titles?

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