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I know this book has been around for a while… but back when it first came out I bought a whole lot of first books for series/trilogies for synopsis’ that “kind of” grabbed my attention. Now that I’m on a tear to finish off all the series I’m halfway through it’s making room to start some new ones. Has anyone read ‘Angelfall?’ Do you think I’ll enjoy this one? I’m wondering if it will feel a bit dated…

3 thoughts on “#bookporn #coverlove

  1. Azia says:

    I love Angelfall! I recently reread it, and even though it IS a bit dated, I think that many elements still work. It’s much more dark and gruesome than one would expect but the characters are great and the storyline is pretty unique! I think you might like it if you’re okay with reading something a bit older 😀

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