Casey Carlisle Agency Pic 01Casey Carlisle, aspiring author in Fiction (and Young Adult / New Adult Fiction), with elements of the paranormal, science fiction, contemporary, drama, romance, action and adventure.

Here you will find her book reviews, writerly advice, anecdotes, and the occasional excerpt from her novels, and general blatherings about what she finds important.

Growing up in the Centralian Outback of Australia, Alice Springs, Casey began to discover her passion for writing and had finished her first novel by the time she graduated Year 12 from Sadadeen Secondary College.

Reading it now, it’s not something that will ever be published. I hadn’t began to hone my writing skills yet. It’s very raw and full of inconsistencies, but it’s something I’ll always cherish, the evident imagination and passion for writing oozes from the page.” Casey explained when asked if she would ever release her debut into creating fiction.

After leaving Alice Springs, Casey has traveled all over Australia, completed two degrees – a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) with a major in English Literature; and a Bachelor in Marine Biology from James Cook University in Townsville, Queensland.

great-barrier-reef-casey-carlisleInitially I just wanted to study Marine Biology, being land-locked and surrounded by desert growing up, I was fascinated by the coastline and all the denizens of the sea. But due to an error from the Admissions Body, I was only offered my second choice being Education. I planned on transferring part way into my first year, but found I loved teaching just as much as I loved the marine sciences, and luckily was able to combine the two without adding too much to my workload.” Her veracious appetite for knowledge transposed into all aspects of her life – funding her education with a part time job hairdressing and ballroom dancing in her spare time. Excelling in both of these exploits, becoming a fully qualified hairdresser and opening her own salon before completing her degrees and representing Dancetime Studios to win two consecutive Australian Dancesport titles in the late ’90’s.

Diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at the age of 24, Casey had a long and painful battle, falling out of remission three times before finally getting a full bill of health. She attributes this dance with death as her drive to cram as much as she can into life – evident in her astounding career. High school Teacher; Hairdresser; Writer; Running her own Entertainment Company, Tina Louise Entertainment Group; Fashion Editor; Image Consultant; Latin & Ballroom Dancer; Marine Researcher; Copywriter; Developing Curriculum for Group Training Organisations… is there anything this woman can’t do?

PC050206.JPGI’m not as gun-ho as I used to be. I’ve slowed down considerably, focusing on my writing. There are so many ideas bouncing around in my noggin and need to get them down. Recent events have brought to light how fleeting life really is – so you need to follow your passion. Live the life you always dream about and leave with a big smile on your face.”

Casey currently lives on the Sunshine Coast, Australia lovingly accompanied by her dogs.

15 thoughts on “About

  1. gregg says:

    Thanks for the encouragement casey. Good to hear somebody else has a head full of ideas running about the head – sometimes its like rounding up frogs (or cane toads!)getting them to paper

    • femaleinferno says:

      Ha ha ha, that is so true. Sometimes my notes resemble a doctors handwriting and mostly illegible. I have a folder where I keep all my ideas and pages of scenes and characters to pluck from when I need to feed a project I’m currently working on.

  2. charlietheweaver says:

    That’s a really inspiring biography. I’m surprised you can find the time for your own writing considering all the book reviews you do. You must have a lot of energy.

    • femaleinferno says:

      Thanks for the lovely comment. I treat my writing and reviewing like a job, even though I love doing it so much, I write something, read something, review something every day. When you find something you love you get energy in abundance. I’m very aware how fleeting life is, so I make the most of it – hope you find your passion too. Happy Writing 🙂

  3. carriecannon says:

    Good to meet someone else who has her hands in a lot of different things! Most people know me as a homeschool mom of 7, but that is just my alias. I am a writer, artist, high school art teacher and a beginner endurance athlete, although today I am simply staying at home in bed with a cold. 😦 Glad you liked my review of The Siren by Kiera Cass.

  4. Maria Michaela Jamora says:

    Oh! You’re from Australia? Hahaha such a dream place for me I’d hope to hop in in the next two years. Hahaha

  5. Unchaptered says:

    Hi Casey,

    Your biography is an inspiration – I hope I can one day do all the things that I’ve always wanted to do. And thank you for liking my review of ‘Flawed’, it means a lot having just started my blog yesterday

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