#BQ Dark Star by Casey Carlisle

Another read from an early TBR purchase – the premise looked great but recently found out the series (the final book) was cancelled by Disney-Hyperion… don’t you hate it when you don’t get to read the concluding novel. Grrr!


#BQ In An Absent Dream by Casey Carlisle

I’ve been trying to get into fantasy again… there are sooo many books of this genre on my TBR shelves, but I can’t seem to last long before switching back to different genres. I used to consume fantasy novels. How tastes change as you grow and develop as a reader.

What genre has fallen out of favor for you?


#BQ Somewhere Only We Know by Casey Carlisle

I’ve been loving Maurene Goo’s work and have added ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ to my TBR.

I dropped my reading goals down to 50 for 2019 so I could spend more time writing but am tentatively moving it back up to 100 for 2020 (but still want to stay focused on my writing.)

Do you have a reading goal for this year?

I want to include more novels written by Australian Authors, ‘own voices’ authors and books featuring diverse protagonists. There are some great reading challenges for 2020 that I’m eyeing off that will help keep me on track.

Any good reading lists you’re taking part in this year?