Book Review – ‘Triton’ by Dan Rix

B-grade horror between the pages!

Triton Book Review Pic 01 by Casey CarlisleGenre: Y/A, Science Fiction

No. of pages: 334

From Goodreads:

In the middle of the Atlantic, four hundred miles west of Bermuda, the eight thousand passengers and crew aboard the cruise ship MS Cypress vanish into thin air. Everyone—men, women, and children—all gone. Taken.

Everyone except five teenagers.

In an instant, their seven day cruise becomes a nightmare: eighteen decks of haunted hallways, pools and bars completely empty, desserts still half-eaten in the abandoned Royal Promenade. A ghost ship the size of a city, sailing blind. At least their annoying parents are gone.

But now strange things are happening. Satellites are dropping out of orbit, falling from the sky. Satellites…and bigger things. They’re not as alone as they think. A message appears in an ancient language, burned into the carpet in the deck ten elevator lobby. It’s a warning. A monster lurks onboard, hunting them. What they’ve long suspected appears certain: the vanishing…it was an attack.

Now the most unlikely of friends must confront the shadowy pasts that link them and regain control of a runaway cruise ship, crack a four-thousand-year-old mystery, and wage war on a formless evil…before they too vanish into oblivion.  

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I have been really enjoying one of Dan Rix’s series, and wanted to pick up some of his stand-alones to see what else the author has to offer. ‘Triton’ called to me. I love books that mix in oceanic undertakings, and this looked like a spooky adventure on the seas. I should have taken into account this was one of his earlier works because it didn’t quite hit the mark for me…

The first half of the book was painful. With a cast of annoying characters none of whom I could relate to (or even like) and it took too long to set up the premise of the story. So I spent my time grunting, groaning and eye rolling in exasperation… goodness knows what my flat mate thought I was doing with all the strange noises coming out of my bedroom.

These characters acted with inappropriate behaviour bordering on mental illness. So not only was I having difficulty in relating to them, but their course of action just about gave me a migraine. Many, many times I felt their behaviour did not match their circumstances. It boggled my brain at how out of context it all was. Talk about a bunch of bipolar teens running around paranoid on a ghost ship.

Pacing picked up in the second half, and the cast became marginally less annoying. Though, their decision making was still circumspect. I don’t think I really cared for any of them at any point in this novel.

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I enjoyed the science fiction elements immensely, the premise of the story is a great hook – I was really excited about ‘Triton.’ With a great concept, pacing and the fact I did not predict the major plot twist at all, ‘Triton’ has so much going for it… it’s just the annoying cast! Argh! Also, the conclusion felt like a let-down to me personally… while magnificent, it was not something that washed me in awe; or got me excited. Not that I’d want to change the ending (though an alternative ending would be fun) but maybe re-written to keep the mystery and magnitude of the reveal. Give me that pay-off!

Triton’ possesses some great writing and story mechanics; woeful characters, motivation, and behaviour; and a so-so storyline that balances this out to just an under-average read for me. I’m glad this is one of Rix’s earlier works, because if this was a latest release I’d be seriously reconsidering my fanship.

It is an okay read, but not a book I’d recommend easily.

Overall feeling: WTF?!

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Critique Casey by Casey Carlisle


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Travel Abroad…?

I’ve always wanted to travel… but how do you pick where to go when there are so many interesting places to visit?

Travel abroad Pic 01 by Casey Carlisle


That is pretty much what my head screams when I think about booking my next holiday. Truth be told – I’m not that much of a big traveller. Overseas that is. I’ve explored just about all of Australia, but my only overseas trip was on a cruise for my 40th birthday after finally been given the all-clear from the doctors and actually having enough funds for a holiday off the continent.

So now that I’ve broken the seal, taken my first trip, what is holding me back from doing it again?

Well, life I guess. Mum passing away. Selling my house and relocating. But that is all done with now, so the only thing I can think of is fear.


Travel abroad Pic 02 by Casey Carlisle

When did I get so scared to take on the unknown. Okay, I’m not cowering in a corner in a pool of my own making, but am uncomfortable to leave the cushy place I’ve finally been able to create. So much of my life recently has been dealt with uncertainty. But I think losing Mum has put the fear of losing everything in me, and I’ve fallen into the security of the familiar and routine.

It’s time to put away childish things.

So next year it’s time to re-visit my Bucket List and look at another adventure over the great blue yonder. At this point in time it looks like Canada and Alsaska. Maybe some other place on the way back home after that. A cold climate may not sound appealing to some, but I live on the Sunshine Coast – its sunscreen and beach all day, all the time. Plus, I love layering clothes, snuggling up in front of the fire with a good book. So it’s settled.

My dream cruise would be to the Antarctic. Imaging floating past polar bears and penguins, catching glimpses of whales… the delicate hues of blue and white in cliffs of ice. I want to see that.

So 2016 is going to be the year I get back on track with my Bucket List and start stepping outside of my comfort zone. I’ve had my year of fear and loss and it’s time to live again!

What is on your Bucket List for 2016?

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Bucket List by Casey Carlisle

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